Wednesday's Post-Practice Quotes

Head Coach Dennis Erickson addressed the media as his team continues to prepare for the USC game.

(on his impressions of the team's last two practices)

"The last two days we got a lot done with our young players. They got more than half the snaps. Just gives them a chance to improve for a couple of days…tomorrow we'll go in full pads, start working on the USC (game plan). They'll have Friday and Saturday off and come back Sunday."

(Will you be watching the Oregon-Arizona game and who will you be rooting for?)

"Yes, I'm a football fan. If there's something on…there's something on every night…that's gonna be fun to watch. I can't play any hand whatsoever. I have no recommendation. You ain't gonna get me in any corner. If I was 40 years old I might have painted myself in there. I already painted myself in too many corners."

(In 2001 when USC was courting you, what made you turn them down and decide to stay at Oregon State)

"We had things going there, and at that time that's what I was gonna do (stay at Oregon State). I'd probably still be there if I was smart. That's what it was; it had nothing to do with USC. We had things going there, we were winning and we had been to the Fiesta Bowl."

(Was it hard to say ‘no' to USC?)

"It's always hard. They're one of the great storied programs of all times. They hired the right guy obviously. Pete (Carroll) has done a great job there."

(Does watching Pete Carroll doing well there make you feel that it could have been you succeeding there?)

"I had a lot of thoughts the two years I was in San Francisco. I was thinking about that Pop Warner team (he coached). He has done a great job, they have great tradition and they have great players. What's Pete done in recruiting is control L.A. and get the best players. He got the two best players out of Arizona (Everson Griffin and Kristopher O'Dowd)…plus they do a heck of a job coaching."

(on the status of Kyle Williams)

"He has a migraine but he'll be all right."

(On the status Samson Szakacsy who underwent an elbow scope)

"They took out some cartilage, and there was some flap of some sort that has been causing a problem. There was something there flapping and he when he threw it hit a nerve and that's what caused the pain. So he got that done."

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