Coach Erickson's Sunday Practice Quotes

ASU's head coach addressed the media as the team starts preparations for the Arizona game. Robert Gustavis, who has been moved due to injuries to left tackle, also talked to the media about his new role.

(On the abbreviated practice today)

"Normally we don't practice on Sundays, but because the (last) game was on Thursday we just came in, stretched our legs a little and try to get out of the funk of that football game and try to get ourselves ready to go against Arizona. We have some big time injuries right now."

(On the position shifts on the offensive line)

"We don't have any choice. Right now Brandon Rodd is hurt, (Richard) Tuitu'u is hurt and those are our two left tackles. So we had to take Robert (Gustavis) and move him out there, and if that happens to be the case Saturday…it could be. The other move we had to make is that if somebody got hurt in that situation we have to move (Mike) Pollak some place and bring in (Thomas) Altieri, because that's kind of where we're at."

(On whether Tuitu'u will be ready)

"I don't know, same with Rodd. Barrett is doubtful. Other than that we're real healthy."

(On looking forward to the Arizona game)

"That's what it's all about. That's our concentration ever since we put that game to bed on Friday. Our players had yesterday off, and our coaches have been trying to prepare, trying to catch up with the two, three weeks that they had to prepare for us. That's where it's at right now. Can't look back, got to look forward."

(On Arizona's pass-oriented offense)

"They do a nice job. Sonny Dykes – I've known his dad for years and have seen him grow up in the profession. He's an outstanding coach. That (new Arizona spread scheme) takes time, as you can see it gets better and better with time. It doesn't happen overnight. It's same thing with their whole program. When Coach Stoops took it over, it was as about as low as you can get. Year in and year out they continue to get better. I think he has done, in my opinion, an outstanding job there. Right now, they're playing awfully good and we have our hands full. I have a great deal of respect to what they have done down there."

(On Arizona's defense)

"They got tremendous talent. The thing that they have, is that they've got great down guys. Spencer Larsen to me is one of the best players in our league. The guy is all over the place. He to me is the epitome of a football player…I remember him when he came out of high school, we tried recruiting him at Oregon State and then he went on a mission, after he went to U of A. That's the kind of character he is and that's how he plays football…they have a lot of talent and a lot of seniors. They played (together) for quite a while"

Robert Gustavis

(On moving to left tackle)

"It's comfortable. I like it a lot. I used to play it in high school, and it kind of reminded me of some things. It's fun out there."

(On what the coaches have told him about this move)

"They just want me to go out, do my best and play hard. That's what I've been doing."

(On not playing for a while and now having a chance to do so against Arizona)

"It's huge for me…I want to play real bad. I've been playing on field goal (unit) for a while. If I get to play it will be an honor for me."

(On playing against Arizona, a school he de-committed from before signing with ASU )

"(Laughs) at the time I haven't even been to ASU. Beating those guys will be good. I really want to play them. If I play this week, this will be my third year in a row playing them. I'm looking forward to it."

(On how hard is it coming back after the loss to USC)

"We're a strong, we're not like last year. We've come back from loses, we've come back from being down. We're not opposed to turning anything around."

(On the significance of this win as to possibly playing in a BCS bowl)

"We're not worried about that (the bowl game) right now. We're focused only on the Wildcats right now."

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