Coach Erickson's Tuesday's Practice Quotes

ASU's head coach gave his assessment of today's practice, as well as update the status of the team's injuries.

(His thoughts about today's practice)

"It went good. Enthusiastic obviously. We did good things out there. We practiced as well as we practiced (in the past), we've been good all year. We don't go up and down. It's not necessarily how we play it on Saturdays, but we practice particularly well on Tuesdays."

(On his plans for the safety position with Josh Barrett's injury)

"(Rodney) Cox will start. (Jeremy) Payton is healthy now, so he can help us in nickel (situations)…Payton has been out for a month, so Cox is our guy. He has the practice time and Jeremy hasn't. Jeremy will get back into that game and play some, but Rodney has earned it and has been playing very well. He played well last week."

(On the status of Rudy Carpenter's thumb)

"Rudy's thumb has been pretty good. Actually today is probably as well as he has thrown in practice. Obviously it bothers him a little bit, but it's pretty close to 100%. I'm not making excuses, but he didn't get to practice the week of the bye week, and he came back and practiced last week. It's good to see him back because you gotta practice. You can talk about all that stuff, you sit him out and you sit him out until that thing gets well, which is true – no question about that. But when you're a quarterback and you're not there every day throwing it hurts you a little bit, no question about it."

(Has there been a time this season where you felt you had to take him out because he's hurting the team?)

"No. He's been hit and he obviously had to come out of some games because of injuries. If he can't do it, he'll take himself out of a game – I feel very confident in that."

(On the status of Richard Tuitu'u and Brandon Rodd)

"Tuitu'u isn't 100% but he's close and was able to practice. Brandon Rodd is getting better, but we'll see. It's a day by day thing."

Erickson added that it's doubtful that Josh Barrett will play this week.

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