Erickson's Wednesday's Post-Practice Quotes

ASU's head coach Dennis Erickson addressed the media to talk about his team's injuries, the Arizona game, and other matters.

(On how the projected rain on Saturday will affect the game)

"To be honest with you, you're the first one that told me it was gonna rain. So give me a day to think about it (smile)…I don't know, maybe we'll cancel the game or something. I played in the rain, unfortunately, many more times than I haven't. Nothing changes, you just play."

(On whether he's tired talking about this being a big game)

"It's time for us and they have been practicing for two and half weeks. I‘m sure they're about ready to go too. We are ready to go. Our health is a little bit of a concern at this point. Thank god we played on Thursday…anytime you play a rivalry game you can't wait for it to get started…it's bragging rights for 365 days. You either brag or you hide."

(On how Brandon Rodd and Richard Tuitu'u are coming along)

"They're doing OK. They both practiced today. I assume they'll both be ready to go…Richard practiced yesterday, Brandon practiced for the first time today and he moved around OK. With a couple more days he'll be OK."

(On how big this game is for the seniors)

"This senior class has put a lot into this program. They've been through a lot of adversity, obviously the coaching change…what they've done this year with a new coaching staff and being able to win nine football games says a lot about their leadership and what they're all about. Obviously it will be very nice to see them go out (and win) in their last home game."

(On whether it's hard to not overanalyze an opponent and prepare for when you have game film from 11 games to watch)

"Not really. People do the things they do well all the time…there's gonna be new wrinkles and when you have that much time to prepare, they're gonna be some new things that they'll do on both sides of the ball. But when it's all said and done they'll go back to things that have won football games. They won the last three so we'll be able to see why they've done that. They're just doing things better than they have been doing before, because they got experience and they're playing hard. I said this before; Coach Stoops has done a nice job with that program."

(On whether it has been his experience that a rivalry game brings out more trick plays than other games)

"Not really. You just gotta do what you have to win. I never changed anything. I've been in a couple of games where you we were huge underdogs and you might try to do some of that. But that's not the case in this game. To win you gotta do what you do well. Everybody is gonna have a trick play. We're gonna have it, they're gonna have it. Sometimes they work, most of the time they don't."

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