Weber Humbled Winning Groza Award

When you make 22-23 field goals, including the first 17 attempts of your career, needless to say that your demeanor on the field is always calm and collected. In anticipation to the 2007 Lou Groza Award, Thomas Weber was anything but relaxed. Nerves turned into happiness Thursday night as he won that award. Weber talked to Devils Digest from Orlando, Fla. about this unforgettable experience.

"It feels amazing, I don't think it hit me yet," said Thomas Weber. "When they called my name, I think I had a blank stare on my face. I just couldn't believe it."

The Arizona State kicker was also in awe just by the number and magnitude of activities preceding tonight's ceremony at the Walt Disney Resort. It started Tuesday night at the prestigious Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Fla. with the Lou Groza Award black-tie dinner. It continued with a game of golf with Lou Groza's son on a PGA course later in the week, and naturally spending at the Disney World theme park.

"I can't even pick the best moment of the week," Weber commented. "Everything was great."

Weber set an ASU record by making 17 field goals in a row. His longest field goal was a 53-yarder against UCLA. He is the Pac-10's leading scorer, averaging 9.0 points per game, and is tied for the Pac-10 freshman record for field goals in a season with current UCLA kicker Kai Forbath.

Weber beat out Groza Award finalists Jose Martinez of Texas-El Paso and Austin Starr of Indiana.

Hard to believe that back in August during Camp Tontozona, Weber was engaged in a fierce competition battle and at times he was in serious jeopardy losing his starting position in favor of walk-on kicker Zach Richards. The redshirt freshman always laughs when reminded of that time period, but is quick to acknowledge that that experience "helped me get to where I am now. You usually don't have pressure in practice, and that (competition battle) gets you ready for game pressure. It helped me a lot."

Confidence is essential for any position on the field, but especially for a kicker, Weber stated that after kicking the 37-yard field goal the clinched a road win at Washington State, his confidence received a significant boost. "All my other kicks weren't ones that were gonna win a game," he said, "but that kick was big."

Weber believes that the kicking unit for the Sun Devils is a well-oiled machine. "To have a snapper like Jason (Perkins) and a holder like Jonathan (Johnson) working so well makes it's easy," he noted.

Speaking of Johnson, due to his poor performance he had to relinquish his punting duties to Weber in week six. "I was never worried about my punting affecting my field goals or kickoffs," he commented. "I was just worried about punting the ball far and down the field. I didn't change anything with my kicking because I was the punter now."

Weber transferred to the Sun Devils from Michigan State, after reportedly being deceived by coaches there who secretly brought in another freshman kicker in Weber's recruiting class. While kicking in the renowned Chris Sailer camp, he was discovered by the maroon and gold and the rest, as they say, is history.

"Coming here was a great decision," said Weber. "Things worked out more than OK (smile). Never in my widest dreams did I think I would do this well in my first year. I thought I was gonna struggle like any freshman, and that didn't happen. I wasn't thinking in mind that I was gonna struggle, but going into the season I definitely didn't think I would have this streak."

"Back in camp, I was just worried about keeping my job."

What a difference four months make…

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