Post-Game Quotes

Jeff Pendergraph and Derek Glasser talk about ASU's Pac-10 opener victory over Oregon:

Jeff Pendergraph

How does it feel to get a Pac-10 victory on the first try

"It feels pretty good. Actually you don't want to boost it too much, but it does feel pretty good. Oregon – I didn't beat them my whole time here. It feels really good to beat them at home and have the whole crowd into it."

How did you hold Oregon to 30 points below their scoring average?

"Just stopping the threes and making sure that they don't get how they usually get 80 points – in transition buckets, turnovers and no bad (opponent) shots. Stop their threes – I think they had three all game and that definitely helps right there. So that was a big key and as a team we executed pretty well."

Derek Glasser

Last year it took you 15 games to get your first conference win. The fact that you got your first conference win in your Pac-10 opener, how much confidence does that give you?

"I think it gives us a lot of confidence, but we know that every Thursday, Saturday it's a tough game. It's the number one conference in the country. We have to come tomorrow here, prepare for Oregon State who last year swept us. We have to be ready to go. It's a quick turnaround playing at 2 o'clock. Coach Sendek told us in the locker room – ‘we play in 40 hours.' We have to get ready for Oregon State."

Was the team tight to start the game?

"I think we came out a little comfortable. We needed to come out stronger than we did."

Starting the second half you started to go down low to Jeff Pendergraph more…

"I think we just looked for him a little more. We made some adjustments at halftime. Coach gave us a few different plays to go to off the transition to get Jeff the ball. It worked and we kept going to him."

What did you think about the play of James Harden?

"James is James. You know what you're gonna get out of him."

Have you seen him before work the shot clock and score right before it expires?

"Oh yeah, that's what he lives for. He loves that."

You were down ten points in the first half and were able to come back. Can you just talk about coming back, because last year you would get behind and not come back?

"I think last year gave us a lot of learning tools. We played from behind a lot last year and we know that a lot of guys that have been back – me, Jeff, Jerren (Shipp)…we know how to keep ourselves in the game. But now you add Ty and James and they have the ability to get us over the top."

Pendergraph: "We have athletic young fellas that can think (snaps his finger) real quick and react to the ball. That's how Ty and James were getting those steals towards the end of the game and I think that's a big difference. Like Derek said, the veterans that were last year are coaching the young fellas, letting them know that this is how it's gonna be. That gets them kind of ready mentally for what's gonna happen. That's let's them execute and things happen like they happened tonight."

Ty Abbott struggled offensively for most of the night, but played good defense. Does that speak to the maturity of the team, not losing your head when things aren't going well on offense?

"Definitely. The whole game we were on Ty ‘Keep your head in the game. We have confidence in you. We know you'll make the next one.' We just didn't want him to lose his mind, because we know he can make plays like he made at the end of the game to win the game."

In your non-conference games against Idaho and Montana State you didn't do a good job defending the three-point shot. Did you guys need that kick in the butt to play good perimeter defense like you played against Oregon?

"Definitely and those are the games that get us ready for a game like this tonight against Oregon, who can really shoot the ball."

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