Q&A with Ray Polk

The 6-1 190 Phoenix Brophy RB has been one of ASU's most coveted recruiting targets of the 2008 class. Polk committed to Colorado, but things have changed since his October pledge and he's considering the hometown Sun Devils as a possible destination. In this Devils Digest exclusive interview Polk openly talked about his recruitment and ASU's chances of landing him.

DevilsDigest: Looks like Arizona State is back in the recruiting picture and you'll be visiting them this weekend. What has changed for you in your recruitment with the Sun Devils?

Ray Polk: "I got four more official visits to take (Colorado being the lone one so far). I was talking to my parents and they said ‘why not take anther visit?' Colorado is the only visit I've taken so I might as well have something to compare it to. I'm still committed to Colorado, but why not check out another place?"

DevilsDigest: Have you followed the season that Arizona State has had and what were your impressions watching them play?

Ray Polk: "I definitely followed them and they're a great program. A great program. I had the pleasure of taking an unofficial visit down there in the summer and I saw great things. They're a great program and I think they'll continue to be a great program with (Coach) Erickson being down there. They made huge strides in their playing ability and also in their facilities – they're building the indoor practice facility."

DevilsDigest: Looking at ASU's depth chart at running back, is that an appealing situation to you?

Ray Polk: "It is. Both Colorado and ASU have talked about freshman playing time. It's definitely a great situation to walk into at both schools. That's what's exciting about this. I can't go wrong with any decision I make. I have two decisions to make and I'll make the one that best fits me. I'm looking forward to learning more about Arizona State and getting closer to their football program and academic program."

DevilsDigest: Besides the unofficial visit you went on, have you been to any of ASU's games?

Ray Polk: "(Laughs) I went to the Colorado-ASU game. It's kinda funny. Both teams played really well and ASU played with a lot of heart and a lot of fire in that game."

DevilsDigest: Granted, it was just one game but the fact that ASU beat Colorado in convincing fashion (33-14), and that was your first visit to ASU since your unofficial one, would you say that that game opened your eyes more towards the Sun Devils?

Ray Polk: "It did. But living here and Arizona State getting the coverage it gets, it's hard not to keep track of them. They had a great year and their whole season really opened my eyes to the program."

DevilsDigest: Did you go to any other ASU games after that one?

Ray Polk: "My whole recruiting process has been slow. I was going into this thinking that I'm not gonna rush into anything and it ended being a very slow pace (laughs) and I didn't take a lot of visits or go to a lot of ASU games. I guess you can say that I'm feeling ASU more than I did before. These are the top universities I want to check out, so I'm gonna make it down (to ASU) this weekend."

DevilsDigest: Was there any kind of turning point in your recruiting process that made you want to take a closer look at ASU and visit them?

Ray Polk: "I started realizing that they are a really good program. The whole thing about this recruiting process is that it's a business. It's less friendly than one hopes it to be. So while a program gets you fired up saying that you're their No. 1 guy – they're always looking for someone else. That will be true this year when they're recruiting you and that will be true two years from now when they look to replace you.

"That is somewhat the situation down in Colorado. They're recruiting a back from my class (Darrell Scott). I realized that and I talked to Colorado about it and they've been open with me saying ‘yes – we're recruiting him.' So I realized, why not take another official visit. I have five of them and I might as well look at anther school and make the best choice for me."

DevilsDigest: So if you had to weigh both factors – Colorado recruiting Scott and ASU having a great season, which factored heavier in your decision to open up your recruitment and visit ASU?

Ray Polk: "I don't know – about even. It's a win-win situation. When I took my official visit down to Colorado I liked everything about it. And even if he commits to them and I have to compete against him, that's fine. I realize as a running back I have a lot of things I need to work on. If you're gonna isolate yourself from great talent, you're not gonna acquire some of that great talent around you."

DevilsDigest: In there a list in your mind of things that you see at ASU and that might sway you to de-commit from Colorado?

Ray Polk: "Yeah, I definitely have a very good picture after being down in Colorado of what I want. You know, ASU is just gonna have to figure those things out without me telling them about it (smile). If they have it, they have it. If they don't it's onto Colorado."

DevilsDigest: Coach Cozzetto has been recruiting from ASU. Can you talk about the relationship you have formed with him through out the recruiting process?

Ray Polk: "He's a great recruiting coach and he's been talking to me more and more since I committed to Colorado. He's gotten me fired up about the whole situation at ASU, playing time wise…on the other hand the same situation is somewhat present at Colorado. But he's a great coach and I like the staff that they have there. He's excited for me visiting and I'm just as excited to go there and learn more about the school."

DevilsDigest: Aside from ASU and Colorado, do you think there's a chance that you're going to visit other schools?

Ray Polk: "Maybe. Anything can happen. There are a few schools I'm looking at. Arizona hasn't had a good season, but they're located in a good place and they got a great coach down there. But really for the most part it's between ASU and Colorado. Colorado is the No. 1 unless ASU proves me wrong and then things will change."

DevilsDigest: Obviously committing to Colorado showed that you weren't concerned about staying close to home. But now that ASU has entered the picture, what are your feelings on this topic?

Ray Polk: "It's always nice to go home for some home cooked meals and playing in front of your family and friends. But life happens and if I do play well in college and go to the NFL – I won't have much control where I end up. I don't think that going to Colorado is a bad thing and a change in weather and all that stuff is nice. My parents will make time and see me play there. But it would be nice also to play down the street too. Whatever university I end up playing for I'll be excited about it."

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