Koetter's Post Game Quotes

The Sun Devils' coach comments on ASU's 27-16 win over Washington

(On his team's defensive performance)

"We were able to get pressure on Cody Pickett with a four man rush – we didn't have to blitz like in some other games. We did a great job playing Reggie Williams close with Brett Hudson. Riccardo (Stewart) and Al (Williams) played him on top. That was a huge part of the game. They did complete some balls to him late, but by then the game was over."

(On the importance of getting up to the fast 14-0 start)

"I always think it's important to get out to a fast start. I tell that to the team all the time. We were able to win (in the past) without getting off to a fast start, so maybe the team doesn't believe me (smile). The fact that we did get up to a quick start tonight was a huge plus. We had a couple of other chances, but we just were out of synch. I give Washington some of the credit to that."

(On winning without the offense playing that well)

"It does say a lot that you can win in more than one way. We kind of staggered here the last few weeks, we've gone offense-defense-offense-defense. That's a sign that we have a pretty decent Football team. You folks would be shocked if you had just come from that locker room, because for a team that doesn't have a player that ever won seven games, our players weren't even that excited. That's because of the last four minutes. The last four minutes, I'm gonna take that 100% on me. We let up too early, and we obviously can't do that with a team that has a guy like Cody Pickett. For our guys to dominate a very solid Washington team, and go in there and be upset that we didn't play better – that makes me feel really good about where we're at."

(On Terell Suggs's record setting performance)

"We better enjoy it while we can, because he's an awesome player. He won't be here forever."

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