Post-Game Quotes

Terrell Suggs and his teammates recap the ASU win over Washington.

Terrell Suggs

(On his performance against Washington) "It feels good especially after I've been shut down the last couple of Pac-10 games. It's kind of good to go out there and get more than one sack. The offense was doubling me, but our other linemen played fantastic. Shane Jones, Jimmy Verdon – their play speaks for itself. Another reason is Adam Archuletta being there. We're fighting to see who's the best from Chandler, and right now he's doing a little better than me (smile). I had to turn it up playing in front of him, being his apprentice and all." (How different was it getting four sacks tonight as oppose to the N. Carolina game) "I never really had more than two sacks in a Pac-10 game. It's a great conference with great tackles, and I feel that I have to turn it up another level." (On tying the national record for sacks) "I kinda fell into to it. The team's goal is not for me to break the record. The team's goal is to go to the Rose Bowl. It's a good thing to have (the record), I'm not gonna knock that, but I still have my eyes on the common goal." (On the defense carrying the offense and vice versa) "We knew that last week the whole game the offense carried us, and we knew this week was our turn. We have to hold our end of the bargain. I think we did a good job containing them tonight." (On watching himself on ESPN saying that his shaves his body on game day) "It was kinda embarrassing, I thought they were gonna edit out all that shaving stuff (smile). I didn't do it this week, so maybe I should stop doing it and keep on having four-sack games."

Hakim Hill

"I think the offensive line played great. A lot of people didn't think we were gonna do what we did in this game. Coach called a great game, and the rest is history." (On his dropped pass on 4th down) "Oh, I won't hear the end of that one (smile). But thank god the defense played great, and I had another chance to show them what I can do." (On the lukewarm play of the offense in the second half) "There were some calls that we definitely didn't agree with, but a "W" is a "W". (On the team's 14-0 starts on offense). "Our motto this week was start fast, and we did that real well and it carried over to the rest of the game. Andrew played a great game. We had a chance to establish the run game, unlike last week, and now we're 4-0 in the Pac." (On all three RB's contributing) "It's very important. We have three pretty good running backs here. Coach knows that who ever is in the rotation will get the job done." (On being able to run the ball against Washington) "Their linebackers float pretty hard. Coaches told us all week that we have to run the ball well, because they're expecting the pass. You have the establish the run, to get the ball in the air."

R.J. Oliver

(On the corners shutting down UW's Reggie Williams)" Hudson did a great job all game. He dominated him, and he was very physical. He had fun while he was doing it. We all just having fun now, living on cloud nine." (Smile) (On UW's Cody Pickett's play) "I think he played decent, but our front four played exceptional. He didn't have time to stand in the pocket, and do what he needed to do." (On the defense's play in the second half) "We're disappointed we gave them a couple of touchdowns at the end of the game. We wanted to hold them to three points. But we're gonna keep playing hard as a unit, and finish better than we did today. Last week we played horrible. We talked all week about playing relaxed and having the game come to us. We're happy about the win, but not about our performance." (On playing CB in the pass happy Pac-10) "It's a test week in and week out. Every game you play against great quarterbacks and wide receivers, so you have to be prepared. (On the WSU game) "In this league any team can beat any team. We just have to go out there, dominate as a team, playing mentally sound, play together, and have fun while we're doing it. We want to show people around the Pac-10 that ASU is ready to play this year. Last game (Oregon) people thought it was a fluke. But it really doesn't matter to us what people think. We believe that we can play with anybody in the country."

Solomon Bates

(On the team's improvement from last year) "The key for the whole team was the spring and summer. This is the best summer we had as a team since I've been here. We were coming together. Working on and off the field. Just being a team and trusting each other. When you win games that obviously helps even more. So I hope we can continue with this." (On his improved play since his injury) "I believe I have to (play better) after sitting out some games. This is my last year and I want to go out playing well. I got a lot of making up to do; the trio got broken up, with Mason and Josh getting hurt. All three of us are on top of each other pushing each other day in and day out. We're trying to stay on top of the game."

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