Thursday Post-Practice Quotes

ASU Head Coach Dennis Erickson talked about the first spring practice in pads, and WR T.J. Simpson (pictured) discussed his performance in spring practice after coming off a redshirt year.

Dennis Erickson

On his impressions of the first spring practice in pads

"It was good. We are running around on defense, and we know what we have to get done. We got some things to work on the offensive front and so we'll be a little behind offensively just because of that aspect. We had a blitz drill today, which is a little early for a blitz drill but we have to be able to deal with it because we saw a lot of it. It's hard, but I rather have it hard now instead of next fall."

On whether it will be a tapered down scrimmage this Saturday

"We're gonna have a regular practice for the most part, but at the end instead of team (drills), we'll have a scrimmage. That's the legalities – you can only have three scrimmages (in the spring)."

On comparing this year's spring practice to last year's

"We know what we need to get done. Last year when we came out they didn't even know what stretch we were gonna use. Now they understand what we want to get done, a lot of the stuff we're repeating from last year. You get a lot more done and we are way ahead of course last year, without a question."

On the special teams work that was conducted today

"We were in punt (formation), PAT and field goal. Tom Ohmart is actually our best guy (at snapper) right now in both field goal and punt. He's a walk-on. Travis (Goethel) snapped pretty good, Mike Nixon is a pretty good snapper. So we have three of them that can do it. Weber kicked and Zach (Richards) kicked some. Danny (Sullivan) did a good job of holding, and Zach did a little bit of holding, but Danny did it last year and he's pretty good."

On whether he talks to the kicker to get his input when assembling the duo of a long snapper and a holder

"You got to. Obviously you got guys that are better than others, but if it's equal you ask ‘who do you want?' The other guy is kicking – I'm not kicking. You have to have the right guys."

T.J. Simpson

On how it felt practicing for the first time in pads this spring

"If felt real good getting back into it. I'm just trying to get down the playbook, so I can get some extra quality reps."

On his fine performance thus far in the spring

"I'm feeling very comfortable out there. I was very excited to get out there and get some playing time after redshirting last year."

On his experience being on the Scout Team last season

"It was very positive because I got to go up against the first team defense everyday. It was hard trying to be the #1 wide receiver for the other team. But I did learn a lot and got better in my route running, my hands are better and I got faster and stronger."

On his thoughts of his chances of playing time now that they'll be more four wide receiver sets in the offense

"It is good news and I was very happy when I heard that there would be more four wide receiver sets. If we're gonna spread the field that will definitely give me a chance to play more. The wide receiver group is gonna be much better this year. We have a solid group from top to bottom and we can all get in and play."

On what are his goals are for the upcoming season

"I'm just happy to be in the rotation. I'm playing the X and the Z receiver. Anywhere in the rotation that they can put me, I'll be happy to play."

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