Saturday Post-Practice Quotes

ASU Head Coach Dennis Erickson discussed the first week of spring practice, and tight end Dane Guthrie (pictured) talked about the move from defensive line back to his original position, and being currently the starter in his role.

Dennis Erickson

On his impressions of Saturday's practice

"They weren't bad. There were good things on both sides of the football. I actually thought the first team offense looked pretty good. They moved the football and Rudy did some good things. I thought Jarrell Woods ran pretty well…I thought we protected well with the first group."

"I thought defensively we ran very well, Terrell Carr made some plays…so that was good. Hard to tell until I look at tape. It's kind of expected where we are right now. We have a ways to go."

On his impressions of Jarrell Woods

"He's doing some good things. As we know he can run fast. He put the leather on a couple of guys. I thought he pass protected very well. I thought our backs pass protected better than they have. Coach Christian has a done a nice job because that's something that is real key for us. We have to improve in that area and I thought we did. But I'm glad we don't have to play tomorrow."

On whether he believes that Shaun DeWitty does run too upright?

"He's got to get down and I think he's down a lot more than he probably was two years ago. I think people relate to how he played two years ago. He's a little different back now than he was then. Obviously we can't drop the ball, but Ryan Torain did it a couple of times last spring too. He'll learn."

On his thoughts about Camp T this year with the Devil Dome (aka the bubble) set to be completed by August 1st

"I don't know for sure what we're gonna do. We'll be up there for just the scrimmage or something like that. A lot of it depends and we're trying to make plans both ways right now, so we have to wait and see. I'd like to make that decision by the time spring football is over with…we'll do that (the scrimmage at Camp T) regardless. We've talked about it a little bit, but until it's finalized I really can't say."

On whether he overall got what he thought he would get out of the first week of spring practice

"Yes and when we look at tape we'll see where we are at especially with those young guys and go from there. But I think it went pretty well."

On LB Oliver Aaron practicing with the first team

"We're trying to find the right guy. I thought he did some good things from what I saw."

On whether the offensive wrinkles he's putting in kind are fitting the way he thought they would

"We don't have anything hardly in right now, but we do have some new things like receiver screens and some other screens and play action passes we are running. We'll run in empty (backfield) a little bit more. We were getting so much pressure, people have blitzed us so much that we have to find ways to handle it and make them pay."

On having a lot of fans at Saturday's practice

"It's a lot more than we had last spring. That's good for our players. That's why I like to have practices open. I think it's important that the players get to see the fans out here. It makes it fun. I've never been a guy that ever closes practices. If they think they can figure out what we are doing they are a better man than me."

On his impressions of Dane Guthrie

"I thought he did pretty well for just coming back. He made a good catch down here. When I go watch the film I'll have a better idea."

Dane Guthrie

On how he did in today's practice

"I thought I did pretty good. There were some things I missed, but it's been pretty good so far."

On whether he misses the offensive line

"They're doing good with Dex and Luis, the freshmen like James. They're looking pretty good out there."

On whether tight end is the role that he wants to be at

"I'd prefer to be wherever they need me. Whatever gets me playing time. It so happens to be tight end right now. I'm just taking advantage of it."

On when the decision was made that he would move to tight end

"Right after the bowl game actually. On the plane coach Erickson said that I should get back in tight end shape and get ready to play tight end again."

On how is the mental preparation different at tight end

"It's a little different. You have to watch the safety rotate, the blitz is coming…it's kind of hard blocking defensive ends switching over. So it's a little different."

On coming here to ASU with a lot of expectations and now having to the chance to make his mark

"Definitely this is my chance to show people I can play tight end this year. Hopefully I can lock in as a starter and contribute."

On whether playing defensive end is now helping him play tight end

"Definitely. The physical aspect of it on defense helps a lot. On offense you're a little more passive so getting aggressive because of the defense in me helps a lot. I noticed that I'm more aggressive, it lets me block people more physically and I kind of like the contact."

On needing to be the leader of the tight end group being that he's the most veteran

"Of course. The only way you can really learn is teach. I try to teach the younger guys, just like Zach and Brent Miller taught me coming up. I was always being the one getting taught, so it's a little different being the teacher now. The coaches help me become a better leader."

On his thoughts of the younger tight ends in the group

"I think they have a lot of potential, especially under coach Cozzetto. He's a great coach and he helps me a lot with my technique, what to watch for in the defense. So they all have good athletic ability, but I think coach Cozetto steps it up a notch."

On his role in the offense and if he can be someone who can stretch the field

"They need someone to hold the edge down, so blocking is what they really need. They also see that I can run (after the catch) with the ball. I think they'll use me to open up the package."

On having a sense or urgency being that this is his last year

"Oh yes. The clock is ticking. The season hasn't even started and I feel that already. Of course there's an urgency. I have to prove myself. This will be my first year having a big role in the offense as a tight end."

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