Tuesday Post-Practice Quotes

With one week of spring practice in the books, ASU Head Coach Dennis Erickson gave his impressions of offense and defense, as well as selected players.

Dennis Erickson

On the defense's and offense's performance in today's practice…

"I thought our practice was very sluggish to start out with. We were very sluggish on both sides of the ball in the beginning of practice. And then when we went into that blitz drill, we picked it up on defense. I thought offensively we are way behind – the offensive front has a lot of work to do. There's some inexperience there and we have to getter better. That's all we can do. It's not effort; it's just understanding technique and understanding assignments. We are young, we are inexperienced in a lot of areas, and we just practiced five times and we'll get better and better."

"I would expect all spring for our defense to be ahead – we have more experience coming back on defense. Anytime you practice it's a no win situation. You look at the scrimmage on Saturday and there were good things on both sides of the ball. I thought offensively we were pretty good with that first group, and then today we come out and added some things blitz wise on defense, we added some things on offense, some new things for the front…we do have a lot of work to do to get to where we were a year ago. "

On Colin Parker getting reps with the first team at WILL linebacker

"He had a good scrimmage. He's real smart. If you wanna say who was a pleasant surprise the first four days, he would be the one that you bring up. He obviously hasn't played in a couple of years, he got hurt and we move him from safety to linebacker and he's does some really good things."

On the absence of Dane Guthrie in practice today

"He had some academic things he needs to take care of the next couple of days. It's not anything serious."

On Keegan Herring's injury

"He sprained his neck. I don't know that he'll practice tomorrow – you're very careful with guys in the spring. He would practice in the fall. We have a lot of guys that need some work (in the running backs group). We're making a lot of improvement and that's an area I'm really happy with."

On Nate Kimbrough's injury

"He tried (to practice). He still has that (hamstring) pull. I'm aiming for next week. You try to get him in too early and he can pull that again, and you don't want to aggravate and it and all of a sudden you go into fall camp."

On what's he's seeing from Brandon Smith in the spring

"Brandon is actually is doing very well. He's getting out of routes better. There are things that Brandon needs to work on. He has more speed than anyone we got, more explosiveness and he needs to be more consistent catching the football and that's what he's doing. He has a chance if he stays healthy. He had a good spring last year and he got hurt."

On the play of Oliver Aaron

"(As he looks to Aaron who stands close by). He's a skinny little (player), but he makes some plays (smile). I just hope he knows where he's going. He does some good things and is a good kid. He's a football player and he'll get better all the time."

On Aaron getting some time with the 1's and 2's

"We've got three or four players (at the WILL position). We really haven't decided where we are at that position. (Ryan) McFoy, Colin, him…we feel pretty good about this position. We'll probably alternate them in there with the first group. They will all get opportunities. I'll put them in different teams, so one guy isn't with the 3's all of the time. That is a competitive position"

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