Carr Gains Confidence, Elevated to First Team

The Sun Devils haven't reached the mid-point of their spring practice session, and much can still change in various position battles. Nonetheless, Wednesday was a monumental day for the 5-9 180 cornerback Terrell Carr who was promoted to a starter position. The JC transfer from Pasadena is carefully walking the line between humility and assurance – a combination that has served him well so far.

We caught up with Terrell Carr after practice, who was naturally all smiles concerning his new status, but was also quick to acknowledge the long road that lies ahead.

"I still have a lot of work to do, but I'm not too far away," stated Carr. "If I just keep on listening to Coach (Craig) Bray, Coach (Greg) Burns and keep on competing I'll be alright."

The competition for the spot opposite returning starter Omar Bolden is one that will be fierce according to head coach Dennis Erickson who believes that this contest won't be settled until sometime during fall camp. Being a first-year player isn't hindering Carr since his position coach, Greg Burns, is also a newcomer and incumbents have to also prove themselves just as much.

"Coach Burns let it be known the first day he was here that no one is a starter and everything is open for competition from top to bottom," said Carr. "Coach always tells you that you'll have a chance to play, so that's good."

Being a Sun Devil is certainly a brand new world for Carr on so many levels. The JC transfer listed "the accuracy of the quarterback" as one of the biggest eye openers in the world of Division I college football. "They really put the ball the ball on the money here and once I get my technique down, I feel that I can break on a few balls and make some plays," he said.

Like his fellow defensive backs, Carr has just witnessed glimpses of the four wide receiver sets that are poised to be a staple of the maroon and gold offense in the 2008. Spoken as s true competitor, facing that scheme is something the Pasadena City College standout looks forward to.

"We'll get our opportunities to make plays on the ball," he claimed, "and because they'll sometimes run an empty backfield you don't have to worry about the running back catching the ball. Four wide receivers is just open game out there."

Mid-year transfers are the favorite type of newcomers for college coaches. The extra semester helps the acclimation off the field, and participating in spring practice is an invaluable exposure to the football aspect of the transition from the junior college ranks.

On the same token, Carr is very thankful that he was able to enroll in the spring semester, and boldly claimed that if he came here, like the majority of the recruiting class, in the fall that he "wouldn't even have a chance to play… coming in the spring definitely gives you a leg up."

The transition has been positive for Carr on other levels.

"In California when you're in junior college you have no scholarships, so when you come here on scholarship and your rent is paid that's a weight off your shoulders," he explained. "I'm also eating better (laughs). Classes are good…I'm just having a good time on and off the field."

As rare as it may be, the leader of the cornerbacks unit is a player who's still in his freshman year – Omar Bolden. For anyone who attends practice, it's quite evident that Bolden carries himself as a seasoned veteran, and not as one the youngest players in the group. You can definitely count Carr as an admirer of this improbable leader.

"From the day I got here, I loved his energy," Carr recalled. "He talks like he's a fifth-year senior, but I love it. Playing on the opposite side of a player like that is fun, because I got a motor mouth myself too and when I get more confidence that's when the motor mouth is gonna come out (smile). But right now I got a lot of work to do, so I can be first team all the time."

In junior college, athleticism and speed is sometimes enough to get by and Carr considers himself as being that type of player in the last two years. He feels that his footwork and jam technique have improved since the beginning of the spring and that both are vital for his continued development and achieving the ultimate feat.

"Guaranteed, that's my obvious goal – to be full-time on the first team in the beginning of the season," he said. "I want to make plays and do whatever it takes for the team to win. I really want to get to a BCS bowl game. I've never been to a bowl game in junior college and I want some hardware out here."

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