Thursday Post-Practice Quotes

Head coach Dennis Erickson addressed the media at the midway point of spring practice.

On whether he is happy at the halfway point of the spring

"You know you think who you are, but you aren't. I wish we had about twice as many practices. I guess we are, but I wish we had more time. I think we're pass protecting better, we're getting the ball off faster. As you know, we've involved a lot more screen game in what we are doing offensively to keep the pressure off. That is something we have decided. We've been in four wide, showing the quick game a little more than a year ago, these are all things that I've done in the past."

"We're picking it up and Saturday is going to be a landmark to see where we are at. We'll sit down Sunday and Monday and decide where we are at. See if we can add things or just stay where we are at. We actually have more in on defense than we've had a year ago."

On the offense

"I thought today offensively was the best effort that we had. I think we ran the football a lot better, threw it better, we just executed a lot better offensively."

On the defense

"I told the defense it is all about being mentally ready and we were today. I told them I'd probably light their hair on fire on Saturday."

On the team injuries

"We haven't had anything serious, some concussions and some nicks and bruises. David Smith hurt himself today, nothing serious."

On the center competition

"It's been very competitive. I don't think you can go wrong one way or the other on them. That is how we wanted it; nobody has jumped to the top yet. Both have time going with the ones and twos. Replacing Mike Pollack is not going to be easy, that's just the way it is."

On the offensive line play

"It's getting better. It's a work in progress because we are young. Shawn (Lauvao) and Paul (Fanaika) started last year but we are new everyplace else. (Richard) Tuitu'u played some but not a lot. We're going to be young and inexperienced there. (Jon) Hargis is getting better all the time at left tackle and Tom (Njunge) is pushing him. Adam Tello is getting better."

On the play of Chasen Stangel

"I tell you the guy that really jumped out at me was (Chasen) Stangel. It was like a light came on someplace. He's throwing it better, he's having more confidence, I'm real happy with what I saw the last few days."

On the cornerback battle

"We're alternating Travis (Smith) and Terrell (Carr), that is a competitive deal too. Both are doing pretty well and we'll go into the fall before we decide that."

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