Dennis Erickson's Post Scrimmage Quotes

ASU's Head Coach addressed the media after the team's first spring scrimmage

On his Overall Thoughts of the Scrimmage

"I thought there were some awfully good things out there and some awfully not so good things out there. Way too many penalties on both sides of the football, on defense we had some pass interference and some late hits that kept drives going, we can't do that, that is not like us."

"Offensively, we must have had five false starts, that can't happen it just kills drives. We haven't had them this spring at all and all of a sudden they happen. It could be a snap count or just jumping, I don't know. Again I have to look at it, you're never happy or never satisfied with anything, but for the first big scrimmage I thought it went pretty well. I'll know more after watching them on tape."

On the Offense

"I thought that Rudy had a good day and that first offense played pretty darn good. I thought Danny Sullivan came in and did a nice job, we threw it pretty well. " On Jarrell Holman's improvement

"Jarrell (Holman) has made great improvement after redshirting, like a lot of junior college players, all of a sudden the light goes on. We moved him to safety and he's been playing real well, I'm not surprised. I know he made a couple of plays." On the defense and their tackling

"We tackled OK. I don't think we tackled like we need to tackle. We made some plays but we have to be better. We didn't tackle like we have to tackle."

On David Bertrand and the rest of the defensive line

"I think he can help us. He's had a very good spring so far. He's a guy that has played, playing at the University of Arizona. He's a very physical guy, powerful, not very big but powerful. A good walk-on for us and he's getting opportunities. David (Smith) is hurt, Saia (Falahola) is hurt, and we need some people to step up at defensive tackle. We're hurting a bit on the defensive line; we've got some guys hurt. We have four or five defensive ends, so when you go a 100 play scrimmage some guys will find out what kind of condition they are in."

On Shaun DeWitty and the rest of the running backs

"I was real happy with him. I've said this all along. Keegan (Herring) was hurt so I didn't take any chances. We put him in for a couple of plays but he wasn't Keegan. The development of DeWitty and Woods, along with Dimitri and Keegan give us four awfully good backs who all do different things. Shaun is playing a lot lower, he runs high and he is starting to get down and break tackles. He's a 230 pounder that is a pretty good size guy. He's a little faster than people think."

On WR Brandon Smith

"Brandon (Smith) is getting better all the time. He hasn't played much and was hurt all last year and spring, but he has a lot of talent."

On Where He Thinks the Team Is Halfway Through Spring "We're ahead of where I thought we'd be on offense. We ran the football pretty well; pass protection seemed to be a little bit better. Defensively we are flying around; our backers are playing with more confidence. We're a little ahead of where I thought we'd be at this time."

On Samson Szakacsy

"He has great athletic ability. When you watch him play, that's what he has. His arm is not there yet, but athletically he gives you another dimension. That arm will heal; he is very frustrated because right now he can't throw it the way he wants to throw it. We have to be very patient and he'll get better and better. He'll get back to where he was, it'll just take some time."

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