Tuesday's Post-Practice Quotes

ASU Head Coach Dennis Erickson reviewed last Saturday's scrimmage and talked about some of the players that stood out that day.

Dennis Erickson

On what his digestion was of last Saturday's scrimmage

"A lot better than my digestion of our practice today…it wasn't bad. It was a great deal of improvement. I thought our offensive front played quite a bit better. Our protection was better. Rudy (Carpenter) is getting better and better each time. Danny (Sullivan) is continuing to improve. I thought defensively that the first unit played well. Safeties are playing good. Jarrell Holman has really jumped out. Not that he's ahead of (Rodney) Cox or (Troy) Nolan by any means, but we played him at nickel today and he did some good things. "

"Gerald Munns is probably making as many plays as anybody. You can stand over there, and every time there's a collision he seems to be involved in…we're trying to find out who our linebackers will be. We got a lot of depth there at the WILL. (Ryan) McFoy has to get better, (Aaron) Oliver didn't practice…Travis (Goethel) is playing well. We have a lot of competition at the WILL back and we have a lot of flexibility there."

"We got depth problems right now because of injuries on the defensive front. David Smith couldn't go…but we had a chance to look at (David) Bertrand and he's done some awfully good things. He's very physical inside and is a pleasant surprise for us."

On if he has seen guys with that much potential at defensive end as James Brooks

"I've seen guys that raw. He has a long ways to go...he has to continue to get better and better. His technique – he has a lot of work to do."

On Holman getting a look at nickel back over Jeremy Payton

"Payton has done it last year. So we just want to take a look at him (Holman) and see what he can do. He was a corner last year and has those cover skills. He's playing real physical right now."

On how the corners, in particular Terrell Carr, are playing right now

"They have to get better. Omar (Bolden) is playing real well, as we all expected. Travis (Smith) and Carr gotta to get better. They're both competitors. Carr is a battler; he just has a lot of technique to learn. He's a junior college player and that's kind of what you get. But he's a fighter and he will be a good player for us. But it will take him some time."

On whether a cornerback can come in the fall and battle for playing time

"There's a possibility. It just depends who you are looking at. Josh Jordan played there more than Deveron Carr or whomever else we would play there…if there are freshmen we think can play we will play them in that position and in the defensive front there will be some."

On if Kerry Taylor's suffered a concussion from the scrimmage

"Oh did he. Did you see that hit? He had a little concussion so he'll be OK. He was practicing out there in an orange jersey… there was some hitting out there. I see guys wearing orange jerseys out there because of concussions, and I ask ‘who gave it to them?' I don't care about the guys (in the orange jersey) (smile); I wanna know who gave them. I wanna know who those guys are."

On running back Dimitri Nance flanked out as a wide receiver on one play as being one potential offensive formation

"When we are running empty (backfield) we'll throw those guys around different places. We'll call a formation where we are empty and we'll have those any place just to get match-ups. We might have Nance outside, we might have him in the slot, and we might have him on the other side of the field. We can do that with our formations. We have a lot more things out of empty as you've seen, and you'll see a lot more of it this Saturday and in the spring game. We were pretty successful in empty during that scrimmage."

On whether Keegan Herring is feeling better

"Yes he is. He could have went Saturday and I said ‘why?' That guy doesn't have to go. Then I almost got into a fist fight with him and I would have lost that."

On the play of walk-on wide receiver Tony Simmons

"I really didn't know much about him until he came out for workouts. He's out of the University of San Diego with (Coach Jim) Harbaugh. When Jim left and went to Stanford he transferred here. He's a pleasant surprise and he's got some talent. He's got some pretty good speed and now we're trying to get him to learn the routes and the offense. He's got some physical talent."

On whether he's open to accept more walk-ons this season

"Yes, and we're gonna have more and more particularly kids from this area that for some reason weren't recruited. Or some may have been recruited and want to stay home. I've seen some kids walk-on from this area who are pretty good darn players."

Erickson said that the team's last non-pads practice will take place on Thursday April 17th, which is also the last practice before the spring game.

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