Wednesday's Post-Practice Quotes

Today's practice was by far the most physical session in the spring, and ASU's Head Coach Dennis Erickson talked about it, as well as some visitors at practice.

Dennis Erickson

On the University of Miami Head Coach Randy Shannon and his offensive staff observing practice

"Their offensive coaches came down. Randy will come tonight and it will be good to see him again. They wanted to come down and visit and exchange ideas. They'll be here today, tomorrow and Friday."

"Our defensive staff got together with about four, five different staffs. They all met together and talked about different things that we're doing and what other people are doing, how to defend certain things. It's always a process of learning. You can never sit still or you get your rear end kicked."

"Offensively, we haven't done too much (visiting other schools) this year but we have done it over the years. You spend time looking at tape, looking at a lot of the new stuff that's going on. The new stuff that I've been around so long…it's all kind of revolved. So everything that's new now, I did 25 years ago. So we're kind of recycling it."

On the physical practice today

"If you wanna play, you better survive. Dane (Guthrie) hurt his shoulder. Jonathan Clark was hurt a little bit. We're gonna have that – it's spring football. We're ten practices (in) now, we got tomorrow and Saturday to get a lot of things done and things taper off next week and then you have the spring game. It goes fast."

On why the intensity level picked up today at practice

"I think we came out for the first practice after the scrimmage yesterday (Tuesday) and when that happens the practices aren't as (good) as you think they would be. So if there was an excuse, that would be the excuse, but I don't like to use that as an excuse. That's what happened I think." On the severity of the injuries to players such as Chris McGaha

"Nothing serious. I think Luis Vasquez sprained his ankle. Njunge has a sprained ankle and he practiced with it."

On how Kyle Williams is doing in the spring

"He's doing pretty good. He's been up and down the last four days; He's been hurt off and on. He's having a pretty good spring."

On whether he determined what linebacker role he will use Mike Nixon at

"He can play at WILL, MIKE, and SAM. That's what's great about him. Where we put him depends on where we need him to play. Somebody has to step up at WILL and he could easily end up there. He played there last year when Robert (James) was injured."

On the play of Gerald Munns and was it the ‘light bulb' coming on or just getting more of a chance this year?

"Actually he started jumping out at the end of spring and in fall camp. Sometimes there are guys that are football players and if you put them on the field and time them in the 40, you can say ‘well maybe that's not exactly what we want.' But then when the lights go on he's better than what you want and that's what happened with Gerald.

"Early in the year he's playing a lot, he got hurt against San Diego State and his missed three, four games. He's smart and when you watch him play on tape he looks like he runs a 4.4. That's how fast he is to the ball because he knows what he's doing. I don't think he runs a 4.4, but he plays like he runs it. That's what it's all about anyway."

On the play of the secondary today making a few interceptions

"We're playing a lot better. Our safeties, we have some depth there. Our corners are playing a little bit better. Travis (Smith) is playing better. (Pierre) Singfield is playing well. They got beat a few times too."

On whether he's worried that with all the injuries on the defensive line, the injured players aren't getting the necessary work in practice

"You just go with the guys you have. There's nothing you can do about it and you just try to develop some depth. Dane, Dexter (Davis) will be back tomorrow. Luis will be back Saturday. The thing that you got to realize sometimes that's hard to is that it's spring. When guys get hurt in the spring, and I had trouble doing that over the years because I'm so competitive, and you get upset but the reality of it is that the older I get - it's only spring."

"You want to learn, you want to get better, you want to improve but there will some guys that will get hurt. You just can't worry about it."

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