Post-Spring Game Quotes

Coach Dennis Erickson, quarterback Rudy Carpenter and linebacker Gerald Munns talk about Saturday's spring game.

Dennis Erickson

Overall Thoughts on the Spring Game

"There were some good things and some bad things, just like any scrimmage or spring game. I thought defensively we did some awfully good things. We ran around real well, the hitting was very good, I thought the tackling was very good and we executed good at some times and ran the football good at some times. It ended up kind of like how you want to end a spring game 17-17 tie. I had a vote and nobody wanted to go into overtime, including me. We were a little rusty at times. I don't think we threw and caught it like we need to. A lot of improvement needs to be made there, but as far as the overall spring, we made a lot of progress. Today was fun, like I said it ended up like we wanted it to end up, but I don't think we are as sharp as we need to be offensively."

On the Offensive Line's Progress

"I thought we made a lot of progress. Are we where we need to be? No, we have a long ways to go. I thought from the beginning of the spring to where we are at now, we are way better. I thought our pass protection has been a lot of better, I thought we protected pretty well today. That has been an area of concern, but they've made a lot of progress."

On Rudy Carpenter's Spring

"He had a great spring, that's the bottom line. You don't take it out of the spring game, I think people overrate the spring game. Obviously, he wasn't on today, but Rudy Carpenter has had a great spring. He's our quarterback, he probably didn't throw it as well today as he will when we open up, but Rudy has made so much improvement with his delivery and all that he is doing."

On Gerald Munns' Spring

"(Gerald) Munns is playing really good. He's been the leader of that defense in the middle and he's done a lot of good things for us. He ran around and made tackles and did things for us today, but all spring he's emerged."

On Dimitri Nance and Shaun DeWitty's Spring Game

"I thought both of them ran real well. I thought Dimitri (Nance) did well for the white team, played really well and Shaun (DeWitty) played really well for the other team."

On Which Players have Made Strides This Spring

"I think there are a lot. (Gerald) Munns made a lot of strides, no question about that. I think Jamarr Robinson at defensive end made some strides for us, as did James Brooks. I thought Terrell Carr got better and better all the time. Jarrell Holman at safety and Rodney Cox has done some good things. Offensively, Jon Hargis has made progress at left tackle, for not playing there, and I thought out tight ends, Jovon Williams and Andrew Pettes made a lot of progress this spring."

Rudy Carpenter Overall Thoughts on the Spring Game

"I thought it was a little sloppy. The first three scrimmages we had were a lot better than this one. For whatever reasons when you mix up the teams you get a little thin at places and guys get tired faster. I thought it was sloppy, but overall it was fun to get out here and play a little bit."

On the Differences in the Offense without Chris McGaha and Mike Jones

"It is a big difference when you don't have guys like Chris (McGaha) or Mike (Jones). I think that is good for our team, to get guys like Brandon Smith and Kyle Williams reps, because they need the most reps they can get to make us better. Those two guys are going to separate us offensively. I thought it was good for those guys overall."

On Where He Thinks the Team Sits

"I think we are a lot farther along than we were last spring at this time. I think we still have a lot to work on, everybody always does. I've been happy with our offense and pass protection, we've been real good so far."

On Who Made the Biggest Improvement on the Offensive Line

"All of them did. I think Jon Hargis made a big improvement. The first two weeks, he had a hard time like he should. The thing that people don't understand is that I've started 31 straight games with Mike Pollack (as the center). This is the first time I have a new center in there and that is going to take some adjusting, but I thought Thomas (Altieri) made a huge improvement this offseason, he's going to be good for us."

On the Running Backs

"I think we have four good backs, I've been saying that all along. Jarrell (Woods) is good, Shaun (DeWitty) is good, Dimitri (Nance) is good and Keegan (Herring) is good. All of those guys are going to be a big part of our offense in the fall and if we can run the ball we can keep teams off balanced."

On if the Offenses' Struggles Had Anything to Do With the Defense

"I think you have to give props to our defense big time, I think they are improving. Those guys are playing good. It's a little hard because everything is so vanilla in a spring game."

LB Gerald Munns

On If He is Happy With the Spring

"I think so, a lot better than last year. Coach tells us last year that at spring they were happy if they won five games. This year I'm really pretty happy with where our defense came out and expect the offense to keep improving, that takes a little more time to get their rhythm. I'm pretty happy with the overall defense, but we have to just keep working and get ready for the season."

On the Defense's Improvement

"Coach Bray has really preached technique. He focuses on perfection, hands, eyes, what the offense is showing you. He really preaches playing with intensity, being violent and being a force on the field. I think our defense took that to heart, trying to be a bunch of mean guys. It will be nice to play against someone else for a change, we're pretty sick of hitting each other."

On the Play of DE's James Brooks and Jamarr Robinson

"Both of those guys have a good motor, they run to the ball. Defensive line gets tired, it's a grind up front, it will be good to get a rotation and get those guys a lot of reps. "

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