Post_Game Quotes

Andrew Walter and his teammates recap the ASU loss to Cal.

Andrew Walter

(on the team's ability to bounce back from two consecutive losses) "It's tough. We showed resolve before, and now we have to show it even more. We have to show even more character. This game is over, and now we have to play USC who's playing great Football. We just have to go back to the basics and preparation, and get back on the right track. I feel good about our guys, and I don't see any reason why we can't bounce back. I don't think we're ever gonna get to that point where we pack it in."

(on the slow start to the game) "Myself, I started a little slow. We can't go three and out on our first series every game. I need to convert 3rd downs, and make the easy throws - period. It's really me. Usually we start slow and finish fast, and we didn't tonight. It's just not executing and making key plays."

(on his interception) "It was a bad throw. There was little pressure – no big deal. It's a play that we practice every week. That's a throw I have to make."

(on the six sacks he suffered) "Honestly, probably three or four of those sacks is me holding on to the ball too long. A lot of those (sacks) I was trying to do too much. I have to get the ball in the playmaker's hands as fast as possible."

(on apparently getting the momentum in the third quarter) "We figured we were starting to roll. Obviously, we didn't take advantage of the momentum change because there were quite a few during that game."

(on possibly taking away positives from this loss) "You'll learn from negatives, and if you have any positives, you tuck them away and try to build upon those. It will be a learning game for us, because there will be more positives than negatives."

Mason Unck

(on the factors that led to the loss) "There were a lot of things. Breakdown in assignments, missed tackles, not making plays when we needed to. When didn't make the turnovers they did, and we didn't match their defensive intensity. That was a big part of the game – their defense was better than ours. We need to go back and make the plays that got us to 7-1. we have to make our assignments. We have to come out on Tuesday, and have a good week of practice"

(on the whether practices were solid this week, after a bad week of practice the previous week) "We had a good week of practice this week. But you can only do so well in practice, you have to carry it over to the game. What starts on Tuesday has to carry over to Saturday."

(on losing his last home game as a Sun Devil) "It's real frustrating. We have three games left, and we can't stay down too long. It's gonna hurt this weekend, and I wish I could go out a winner my last game…all seniors do."

Daryl Lightfoot

(on his best game in a Sun Devil uniform) "I did OK personally, but as far as the team things didn't click for us. We're not happy as a unit tonight. Everybody was talking all week getting the seniors out on a good note, and I'm mad we weren't able to do that."

(on his 85-yard touchdown catch) "It was a stutter grid. I stuttered on the DB's toes, he got behind me, I got behind the defense, and scored six."

(on the large amount of penalties in the game) "It was just all frustration. Not knowing where to go, not being in the right place…it was just a messed up game al around from the Sun Devils tonight. We didn't come to play, we didn't show our fans or ourselves anything."

(on the causes for the turnovers) "The Cal defense made big plays, but on the other hand we didn't make enough plays on offense to sustain drives."

(on trying to bounce back from the first back-to-back losses this season) "We were gonna back to practice Tuesday, and go back to basics that got us winning. I don't know if people got complacent, but you can't take this game for granted. If we start doing that, we gonna go backwards."

Shaun McDonald

(on the offense possibly taking the last ranked Cal defense for granted) "Every week in the Pac-10 you have to think about it being the hardest game of the season. We knew we can move the ball if we executed. Sometimes we did, and sometimes we didn't.

(on the resiliency of the team) "This team is full of heart. We just have to put these two losses behind us, and fell like we starting 0-0. We'll bounce back and play a great game at USC.

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