Erickson's Wednesday's Post-Practice Quotes

Two senior players on offense were held out on the first day the maroon and gold practiced in shells.

Keegan Herring was held out as a precaution after injuring his shoulder on Tuesday. "It's the same kind of shoulder he has had off and on his whole career," Erickson said. "He bumped it up a little bit. We're gonna keep him out for a couple of days and he'll be ready to go." No MRI will be given for the running back due to the fact that the team's medical staff is already familiar with his injury.

Nate Kimbrough was injured in what could only be described as a freak accident. The wide receiver hit his head with a weight plate while lifting earlier in the day. "He's getting an MRI on it and I won't know the results until tomorrow," Erickson stated.

Erickson noted that he thought Tuesday's practice was the best of the three sessions so far. Nonetheless, he was definitely was pleased with Wednesday's session.

"We're making a lot of progress," said Erickson." We have some young guys in a lot of different areas that continue to get better and better. With our young guys, particularly on the offensive line, there are a lot of things thrown at them – we don't hold things back. So when we're in our third day of practice, we're blitzing so they have to pick that stuff up."

"We're executing pretty well offensively and we're flying around on defense. So I'm pretty happy with where we're at."

Saturday is the first of the two-a-day practices and Erickson anticipates that on that day or perhaps on Sunday's practice (an 8:30 AM session) his team may get leg-weary. "You saw a little bit of that today, but you'll see more of it obviously as we get into two-a-days," said Erickson.

Many freshmen are occupying positions on the second team units and Erickson stated that this simply a necessity since they represent the current depth in the program. "When we recruited them, we felt that they could help us as freshmen so we're gonna give them that chance," he explained. "It doesn't mean that it's gonna happen but we have a pretty good idea so we're gonna give them a shot in the next two weeks with the 1's, 2's and 3's and we're gonna find out if they can play."

"There are some guys that we have a pretty good idea of what they can do, so with these guys we have to see if they can help us and strengthen us as far as our depth is concerned."

After spending the summer playing baseball with the New York Yankees organization, Erickson has been "pleasantly surprised" with the performance of Mike Jones in practice. He remarked in how well of a shape the senior wide receiver was in and that his deep knowledge of the offense didn't require him to study the playbook in the off-season.

Another player that the ASU coach has pointed out as being a surprise is JC transfer tight end Stanly Malamala who joined the team only in late May. "He's very smart, very powerful," said Erickson. "We'll use him in certain situations. He can really help us as a blocker. He's a very physical guy and that's why we recruited him. We saw him on tape and we felt that he was a guy that could fill the edge for us in our running game."

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