Good Friends Engaged in Fierce Battle at CB

They're both JC transfers playing corner but that's where the similarities end. Terell Carr was part of ASU's 2008 recruiting class and as a mid-year transfer was expected to make an immediate impact this year. Pierre Singfield came on board as one of several unknown walk-ons. Yet, these days everyone knows his name, especially his close buddy Carr, as the two fight for a starting role.

"We're good friends," stated Singfield. "I'm always learning from him. I just watch what he does, he gives me some pointers and I take it from there."

"It actually makes it more fun," said Carr of the fact that he and Singfield are comrades. "We hang out a lot off the field and on the field we keep on pushing each other. We watch film together. He's pushing me and me pushing him will only make both of us better. The competition will bring out the best in us. I love it."

The 5-11 197 Singfield hails from Tucson's Pima Community College. Despite being named a pre-season All-American and finishing his sophomore year first team All-Conference he had no scholarship offers, just walk-on propositions. His brother Antoine Singfield went to the University of Arizona, but that didn't entice him to try and join the Wildcats.

"Actually I really didn't like U of A," said Singfield. "I was like ‘ASU – they're good, they have a good coach, great team…' and I just sent my film up there."

You can certainly count Singfield as just another member in a long list of players that the Arizona State-Arizona rivalry hits home with in a major way. "I hear about it a lot," he admitted. "I have a lot of friends in Tucson, some that actually played for U of A. I really don't like that school, so this (ASU) is a perfect place to be at."

It's definitely has been a win-win situation for Singfield. Not only did he get to walk-on at the top school of his choice, but he also has been an instant success ever since he arrived in Tempe. He was arguably the biggest surprise of spring practice. In the spring game that culminated the 15 sessions, Singfield tallied two tackles, two pass deflections and an interception.

Nonetheless, Singfield is extremely humble about his performance during that time. "The coaches' work ethic keeps making us work hard, so I keep on working hard on things I can improve on," he commented. "I'm not saying I did bad or good (in spring), I'm gonna say I can improve."

Carr's spring wasn't necessarily a bad one, but things have taken a bad turn for him in the summer. The corner, (pictured) who was ranked third nationally in his position by, knows that fighting through the heat and two-a-days isn't the only battle he wages. He played on a damaged lateral meniscus in his knee for the last two years, and had that area surgerically repaired twice, with the latest procedure taking place nearly two months ago.

He knows that if he "keeps on grinding" he will get through the injury rehab, as well as the position battle, and says that he doesn't let the whole situation get to him because he accepts it as part of life.

"I'm about 80% because I'm not getting a chance to rest it, just rehab and treat it," Carr explained. "Once I have a few days off when camp ends, I'll be right for the opener. I just need to work on getting my knee better and whoever is more consistent at the end of camp is gonna be the opposite corner."

Carr added that he has difficulty planting on the knee and driving to the ball, since his knee isn't at full strength.

The 5-9 181 JC transfer from Pasadena (Calif.) Community College admitted that it was scary for him to have the procedure in the midst of this position battle. "I knew I didn't solidify the spot and I was out the whole summer missing out on the 7's on 7's," he said. "It was real frustrating. All I could do is sit back and watch."

Carr relishes in the fact that he, and the rest of the corners for that matter, are always going up against a very talented group of wide receivers and often against an offense featuring multiple WR sets. "We have about six real talented wide receivers," said Carr, "and that gives me a chance to really see how you measure up. I love the fact that we have this much talent on this side of the ball. It's not only the wide receivers, but the quarterback delivers the ball exactly where it should be."

So what are Singfield's expectations from the upcoming year? Does he expect to be the starter for the season opener? "Everybody's dream is to be on the first team," said Singfield. "So I'm just gonna continue to improve. I have a lot of confidence (coming from the spring) and I'm just trying to finish what I started."

Carr stated that the pace of practice has slowed down from him following spring ball, and he feels confident that he can land the starting role. "I'm starting to get a feeling for the routes, reading the quarterback," Carr said, "I just need to keep on working with Coach Burns, watch film and with the guys pushing me I'll be all right."

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