Tuesday Night Post-Practice Quotes

ASU's Head Coach Dennis Erickson discussed team injuries and depth chart following tonight's practice.

On Tuesday's Practice

"It was ok, somewhat of a typical Tuesday practice. Lot of mistakes in preparation, I mean we saw some of their offense and defense on Sunday, Tuesday we have a lot of mistakes to correct. Hopefully we can get those corrected tomorrow. We just have to get in a rhythm during the week; the first week is always the hardest because you spend a lot of time getting ready for this game. Once we get into the rhythm of what we need to get done we will be a lot better. We will be better tomorrow. "

On Keegan Herring's Injury

"He had a little cramp, is what he just told me. I don't think it is a pull, more of a cramp than a pull. I don't know, we will see tomorrow."

On If Today's Defense Will Be The First Unit Saturday

"I wouldn't count on it. We won't make that decision until Friday, as far as that corner is concerned. As far as Ryan (McFoy) is concerned, we will know that Friday. I wouldn't read into that. "

On Chris McGaha's Status

"He's just sore. Hasn't practiced in 12 days, he came out and went Sunday and was pretty good and at for the most of practice he was good. It's going to get sore on him, we just have to watch how much we play him and work him into it. When he did go, he was running good routes and looked as fast as he was last year."

On Long Snapper Thomas Ohmart

"He is good at all of it, that is what he has done all of his career. He came out and there were a couple of other guys out here this spring, it was no done deal for him. He has come out and done it very consistently, rarely do you see anything bad, maybe a little to the left or right or a little low occasionally, but he is a guy I have a lot of confidence in. As you know, confidence in that long snapper is a real key. They are getting better with the snap, hold and kick in the last week."

On the specialization of long snappers

"That is all you see. I haven't seen a long snapper that plays in a long time in college. If you have a young kid that you don't want to get hurt playing football and get a scholarship, have him be a long snapper. I would have had a chance, then I don't even know how long we snapped it, with leather helmets. If you don't have one you are in trouble."

On Which Coaches Will Be Up in the Press Box on game day

"Same as last year. Coach Bray and Coach Burns defensively and then Coach Cozzetto and Bryce (Erickson) will be upstairs for offense. That is the plan."

On Walk-On Tryouts

"We have kind of done that differently, we will have a few guys come out. We are limited due to the limits on squad size."

On the play of Jarrell Holman

"Jarrell has played well the last few weeks. He was our nickel guy in the spring, because has played corner. He will be our backup nickel guy going into the week."

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