Erickson Updates Injury Situation

Yesterday Dennis Erickson seemed confident that Mike Jones and Keegan Herring would see the field against Stanford, on Thursday his report was simply that the two seniors would be game time decisions. Even though it seems like a downgrade in status, Erickson said that their health has improved.

"Yeah they'll be game time. They were a lot better than they were yesterday. Keegan ran some team in there, so, they got two days," said Erickson, "They got tomorrow and all day Saturday so they got a lot of time. We'll see what happens. It's hard to guess. They're way better than they were."

Erickson indicated that if Jones can't go, Kyle Williams will move into the starting lineup with Chris McGaha and Kerry Taylor.

Mike Nixon returned to practice today, but had to leave due to his illness. Erickson later stated that he thinks Nixon will be ok to play on Saturday.

Other injuries for the Devils include Spencer Gasu and Matt Hustad both of whom won't play. Gasu hurt his back and is ruled out.

The Sun Devil head coach believes that Matt Hustad is at least a week away but wants to get him action sometime this season.

"Yeah, yeah he won't play this week." But he's a lot better and we'll play him [this season]. Our plan right now is to play him at tackle, see where he's at," said Erickson.

One additional injury was made known Thursday when Gerald Munns appeared in a cast. Erickson said that Munns broke his pinky finger in practice, but should be ok to play.

"He broke his little finger, during practice. So we got to make a decision, he's fine and he's going to play in it and he'll play in a little bit of a cast, but it's not going to affect his playing," Erickson noted.

The injuries certainly won't help the Devils against a team that Erickson has been raving about all week. Erickson calls Stanford a totally different team than the one ASU saw in Northern California last year.

"Well as I've said all week they're a much different team," said Erickson. "They are playing with a lot of confidence. They're a very physical, very experienced team. They have an outstanding running back in (Toby) Gerhart that they didn't have a year ago that they can go to. Their quarterback (Tavita) Pritchard is playing pretty well."

"Defensively, they're really solid. Their front four is pretty solid, so, their linebackers are experienced so we're going to have to play our (rear ends) off to win; it's just how it is."

The high temperature for Saturday is expected to be 112 degrees, something that Erickson believes plays to ASU's advantage.

"It won't bother us, I know that," he noted." We've been doing it [practicing in the heat], but I mean when it's hot it's hot. It's hot for everybody including us. There are two things you never get used to: freezing weather and hot weather. Both ends of the spectrum."

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