Devils Practice Strong as Injuries Mount

Dennis Erickson called Tuesday's practice the best of the season, but the news wasn't all positive from Kajikawa Practice Field. Injuries continue to pile up for the Devils as they prepare for what some are calling a trap game against UNLV. Erickson said trap games aren't unwritten rules, but they are in fact something to be concerned about.

"It is a written rule," said Erickson of the upcoming contest that will be preceded by the much anticipated match with Georgia. "Yeah you talk to them about it; they know what is at stake every time we play. I think we practiced as well (today) as we have all year. "To me that is what it is all about, what you do during the week."

"UNLV is very capable; they had a chance to beat Utah who is an awfully good football team. Our players know that, we aren't to a point in this program where we can look by anybody. Our guys realize that."

One new injury was added to the injury list on Tuesday as true freshman linebacker Brandon Magee was injured in the team's morning weight room session.

"Brandon Magee lifting weights in the morning suffered a partial tear in his pectoral muscle," Erickson noted. "I don't know any more than that, he had an MRI and he'll meet with the doctor tomorrow. It is not a surgical thing."

Erickson added that he wasn't sure if Magee would be able to play this Saturday.

Another linebacker that was missing Tuesday was Chad Lindsey.

"Chad had some personal things he has to take care of, that is the best way to put it," explained Erickson.

That leaves ASU especially thin at the linebacker position, where Gerald Munns is already out for Saturday after having surgery today on his broken pinky finger.

"He had three pins put in there, he'll be out. They will put a cast on and he'll be ready to go next week," said Erickson.

The ASU head coach laid out the nee depth chart at this position in light of the injuries/absences.

"Nixon will play in the middle, him and Shelley (Lyons). Goethel and Bereuter (at SAM) and the Will (position) will be McFoy and Oliver Aaron. The other guy we are looking at is (Derrall) Anderson. Collin Parker is a guy we are going to look at too." Keegan Herring missed practice again and just like last week, ASU won't know if it will have the senior running back until late in the week.

"He did some things, it is day to day for him," Erickson stated. "I'd say he has a pretty good chance to play, but we won't know until Thursday or Friday."

The same can be said for Andrew Pettes, who also sat out of practice.

"He is resting, it is a day to day deal," said Erickson.

Matt Hustad returned to practice on Tuesday, but Erickson still says the plan is for him to return for the Georgia game.

"He is doing some things; next week probably he'll go full. That is what the plan is," Erickson noted.

On the positive injury front, Shaun DeWitty was 100% for the first time since camp and left his head coach impressed. Erickson plans on giving DeWitty more opportunities on Saturday.

"Those hamstrings, they can be worse than a lot of injuries, that and high ankle sprains," Erickson explained. "He's back now where he is 100%; you could see out there today that he was running like early spring and camp. It is good to have him back; you can use him in a lot of different ways."

The Devils will return to practice at Kajikawa tomorrow evening at 6:30 P.M.

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