Thursday's Post-Practice Quotes

ASU Head Coach Dennis Erickson, and quarterback Rudy Carpenter addressed the media in the team's final practice before their home meeting against UNLV.

Dennis Erickson

on his impressions of this week's practices

"I think we practiced well. We try to be as consistent as we can week in and week out and so far we have been. It's been a good week of preparation. It's like I told them ‘better be ready, because they (UNLV) are gonna come down here ready to play. It's a great opportunity for their program.' For us you have to win the game."

on the status of players that are questionable for the game such as Keegan Herring and Andrew Pettes.

"I won't know until Saturday with any of those guys."

on whether he thinks the state of Nevada is a fertile recruiting territory

"I really do. We got some great players out of there when I was at Oregon State. Steven Jackson obviously jumps right at you, and we had a kid by the name of Richard Ziegler. We probably had four or five really good players from there. I think it's a real fertile area for football. It's growing like Phoenix is and there's a lot more high schools there, a lot more players, and we'll continue to recruit in there real hard."

on whether he's been pleased with the reserve linebackers stepping up in lieu of some of the injured players at that position

"Mike (Nixon) plays a lot of different (positions) and plays them all pretty well. He's smart and understands what's going on. Of course you still have Travis (Goethel) and (Ryan) McFoy still playing, and we have some other guys that have to step it up. Ollie (Oliver Aaron) will get a chance. Shelly (Lyons) will get a chance…I feel good about where we are at. I think our depth, obviously because of some young guys has been better than the past."

Rudy Carpenter

on turning in good practices this week before what some call a trap game

"We know that every opponent we play is a good opponent and we have to be ready to play. We're trying to play as well as we can every week and try to get better every week. Hopefully that will be enough when we play those teams down the road."

on what kind of challenges does UNLV present on defense "They play a lot of different looks we haven't seen before. A lot of nickel. A lot of cover two. They like to blitz a lot as well…we kind of have to be ready for everything, because they're probably gonna throw a lot of different stuff our way."

on whether this is the type of defense he expects to see from here on out given ASU's potent passing offense or does he still expect to see eight-man fronts like NAU had

"That would be fine with me (facing an eight-man front) because we put a lot of numbers throwing the ball, so I assume those teams are watching the same film we are. So they'll probably start playing the pass more than the run."

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