Thursday's Post-Practice Quotes

ASU Head Coach Dennis Erickson addressed the media in his team's final practice before their home meeting against Georgia.

on his impressions of today's practice

"I thought it was good. We practiced good all week. We're executing well. We'll see if it carries over to Saturday night. I practiced good and played good sometimes. I practiced bad sometimes and played good. Sometimes we did what we did."

on the competition at some positions and how it will affect playing time.

"Terell (Carr) is gonna play more. He should. He played good against Stanford. He didn't get into the game against Las Vegas and he's playing too good not to get in. So he's gonna share time…Njunge is gonna play at right tackle. We have to get our best guys out there. We have to start doing it right now and as the season goes on, we have to see where we are at. There might be a lot of competitions before it's all said and done."

"The good teams have competition. You don't know if you're playing or not. You better stay at a high level or else you'll be standing next to me."

on whether Keegan Herring is still a game time decision

"Yes. I'd say I'd be surprised if he played. I'm not saying he's out, but in all honesty I'd be surprised if he played. His hamstring is pretty close, but he hasn't practiced. We have four other guys that practiced pretty well this week…it would be very questionable if we did (play Herring). And then he has the rest of the season (to still play) too. There are a lot of things to look at."

"But it's really the practice part of it, because those guys (Georgia) are pretty good. We have to protect…there's a lot of things we have to do with our backs that you gotta be around (practice) to do it."

on the notion that the ASU players feel more comfortable facing a more traditional offense such as Georgia's compared to that of UNLV

"It's not what they line up in, it's who lining up there. And the guys that have lining up are awfully good. I'll tell you something about Georgia because I've watched Mark Richt's teams - they might come out in empty (backfield); they might do a lot of different things we haven't seen too. They're haven't got every play in. It's easy to sit there, see what they're doing and it kind of depends who's blocking…that stuff (presenting familiar alignments) really doesn't make much difference."

on the issues Georgia is having on the offensive line, shuffling players in and out and around the lineup for this week's game

"They have about 80 of them (offensive linemen) – I would too. They're all about 320 lbs., all stacked up. I don't know how they get through training table with them…"

"It's not like they're inexperienced. All those guys have played. They have four guys back that played last year. You're not (number) three in the country, winning all those games last year without having some pretty good guys up front."

on whether Stanly Malamala is another player that stands to see more playing time than he did in the first three games

"Yes. He's a good blocker. Got to get him involved. He does some good things. Those tight ends, we have to use them the right way."

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