USC Post-Game Quotes

LOS ANGELES - Head Coach Dennis Erickson and his players talk about ASU's 28-0 loss to USC.

ASU Head Coach Dennis Erickson

Opening Statements

"I don't know if I have ever been around an offensive performance like that in my career. You have to give credit to ‘SC and their defense, they are awfully good, but when you get the football like we got the football and as many times as we got the football, you have to score points and we didn't do it. I don't know why, I wish we had the answer. We had some opportunities and obviously it is very concerning."

"We play defense like we played defense in the second half and even in the first half, 14 of the points in the first half were turnovers. Then we have one of the best kickers in the country and we get two kicks blocked. I can't say much about our defense, Craig Bray, the defensive coaching staff and the players for all of what they've done. That was a great effort and they were out there a long time. Unfortunately you have to have all three phases of the game and the other two weren't very good."

On Mistakes

"Penalties and then we'd get sacked, then you have long yardage. Against these guys, you get long yardage and they are ready to pass rush, watch out. We knew going into the game, that if we could run it and make it third and manageable, and we did early in the game, then we would get sacked or get a penalty. I can honestly say I don't remember ever being this inefficient offensively in my too long career."

"Everything there is confidence involved. If you get yourself in down and distance that we have it makes it hard. They moved it a little bit in the second half, but they didn't exactly whip it in the second half on offense themselves."

On Turnovers

"It was a game of turnovers in the second half and normally with how many we got you would think that we would have got ourselves back into the game, being down 21-0, but we didn't."

On Rudy Carpenter

"On Thursday he moved around real well, today in warm-ups he moved around real well. He was rolling and was 100%. As the game moved on and as he got hit, he was limping around and I wasn't going to leave him in the game in that situation, that's why we made the change."

On the Offense

"I'm very perplexed. I'm very perplexed. We're better than that and we have players that are better than what they are playing. We have to find a way to become more productive offensively. We have six games left and an opportunity to compete in those games. We have to find a way to do it."

On Dan Knapp

"He has an MCL strain. That's all I know right now. He practiced good and has been physical for us. We felt like we needed someone blocking wise and he's been doing it better than anyone else for us so we started him."

On Danny Sullivan

"It's hard to tell, he had a couple of throws that he should have made, it's not the easiest first play for him."

On What to Do Now

"You have to fight. We have a lot of fighters on our team. We have to fight like heck during the bye week; we have to fight like heck in our preparation for Oregon. That is all we can do is fight, the coaches will fight and I know the players will fight."

On Why Herring Didn't Enter Until 2nd Quarter

"Dimitri was running the ball well in the first quarter and we wanted to stay with it. Then we got Keegan involved and I thought he ran the ball well too."

On Blocked Kicks

"They were both low, I don't know. We had to change snappers because Thomas (Ohmart) got hurt, the second one I think he just kicked low."

ASU Safety Troy Nolan

on if This Was the Best His Defense Played All Year

"Yeah, I think it was the best we have played all year, we started it last week. We got five turnovers in the fourth quarter that is what we have been trying to do all season. I think we've found an identity now and are playing like a tough hard-nosed defense and getting after the quarterback."

On Getting Five Turnovers and still losing 28-0

"It doesn't happen much, but unfortunately it did happen. We gave our offense opportunities to score and put them in field position and they didn't come up with anything, that's just unfortunate."

On How They Will Turn it Around

"We turn it around by taking the week off, by using the bye week to rest and coming out and practicing hard."

ASU LB Mike Nixon

On Not Meeting Expectations

"It's extremely frustration. We had high expectations, but we took a realistic approach. Minus the UNLV game, if we didn't come out and play good football for these three games, including Oregon, we haven't answered the bell."

On Defense Playing Well and Offense Struggling

"We've played enough football where the offense is going to struggle and when we struggle. It's going to be give and take. They were struggling today; it does get a little frustrating. In the third quarter getting those opportunities and for whatever reason not being able to score."

ASU QB Rudy Carpenter

On Missed Opportunities

"The defense did a great job today, got a lot of turnovers for us. We got in the red zone and couldn't score."

On if anything wasn't working on offense

"Everything. Everything wasn't working. We ran the ball pretty well here and there, had some plays here and there, just couldn't do anything."

On what knocked him out of the game

"I couldn't really walk that well. Obviously I want to stay in there and play but Coach made the decision for what is best for the team."

On How He Felt Before the Game

"I tried to put it out of my mind. Try to stay positive this whole week and that is really how I felt."

On the interception he threw

"The ball just stayed in the air for a long time, couldn't put what I wanted on that ball. It was just a hitch route, didn't get a lot on it. It is kind of what happens."

On what's next

"We have to figure that out, I know a lot of guys are down. The guys on defense shouldn't be down because they played a great game. I'm sure they are frustrated about the way we've played on offense. We have games left that we can compete in and win. We are going to have our chances and we have to keep competing."

Defensive Coordinator Craig Bray

"It is something we can build on. It is hard to build on a loss, but we have to make this a positive spin and keep the energy and effort up on that side of the ball. It is still a team loss and we lost."

On Mike Nixon

"Nix always waddles around and makes things happen. I don't know how he does it because he looks like the ugliest man in the world, but he did."

Thomas Weber

"Missing three kicks in a row is frustrating. This week have to get back to work and work hard. "

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