Carpenter Frustrated with His Performance

In the wake of a five game losing streak and a 34-point loss at home, Arizona State quarterback Rudy Carpenter discusses the offense and the future of the 2008 Sun Devils.

Senior quarterback Rudy Carpenter has the look of a desperate man. His demeanor has taken a 180-degree turn from August and the change is understandable.

After two wins to start the season Arizona State's hype machine was working overtime and Carpenter was putting up some gaudy numbers to boot. Unfortunately for the signal caller and his Sun Devils nothing has gone right since the week two victory over Stanford.

"Obviously (the offense) hasn't been very good the last five weeks. We're making too many mistakes. We haven't executed and we haven't put any points up," Said Carpenter.

"All that matters is that we're making too many mistakes, whether it's in practice or in games. When you do that you can't score points and that has been our problem all year. You have to be able to score points and finish drives."

"Being the quarterback and being a senior it's my job to make sure those things happen and I haven't done a good job of that."

Carpenter admitted that injuries are no longer bothering him and that he feels healthy, which leads one to wonder what is causing this offense and quarterback to struggle so mightily.

In the first two games of the season Carpenter completed 78% and 75% of his passes, respectively. In his last three games he has failed to achieve a completion percentage greater than 57% and has not reached 200 yards passing in any game.

Carpenter has also thrown five interceptions to only two touchdowns in those contests as well.

The senior commented that Oregon did nothing special defensively to frustrate him despite putting up season low numbers in passer rating and completion percentage.

"We just made a lot of mistakes," stated Carpenter. "We had a lot of chances to make some plays. Whether it was me throwing balls accurately or whether it was catching balls or whether it was running better, protecting better, we had a lot of opportunities. We just didn't take advantage of them."

"They're a good defense and they played good against us but I think more so than anything it's just us not executing."

Those clamoring for a change in the Sun Devil offensive philosophy did not necessarily see much of a change at all against Oregon but it was hard not to take notice of how frequently Sun Devil coaches decided to put players in motion.

"That was part of our plan going into the game," explained Carpenter, "to try to get a lot of shifts and motion because watching them on film they adjust with a lot of guys and when you can get a lot of guys in movement on one play that tends to mess guys up on defense."

"We wanted to try and shift the motion and then go on quick counts or hard counts, try to get them to jump offside, go on quick counts, and it worked on some plays and other plays we didn't execute it but it was part of our plan. I think it worked early in the game."

When asked if the Sun Devils can still realistically make it to a bowl game Carpenter paused before answering and offered up a response that did not ooze confidence.

"To be honest, yeah I do (believe ASU can still make a bowl game)," he claimed. "But we're worried about Oregon State. We're just trying to get back in the win column. It's going to be tough playing in Corvallis. It's probably going to be raining and cold. It's going to be tough."

"We're just worried about that game and trying to get that feeling of what it's like to win again."

The last time the Sun Devils traveled north to play Oregon State the game resulted in an ugly 34 points loss for Arizona State similar to the result of last Saturday's match up with Oregon. That game in 2006 included some inclement weather and as of now rain is in the forecast for this Saturday as well.

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