Post-Game Interview Mike Jones

SEATTLE - The senior wide receiver had a career-high 11 catches in ASU's 39-19 win over Washington. His 146 yards receiving accounted for nearly 67% of the Sun Devils' passing attack on Saturday night. Jones talked to reporters after his stellar performance.

On his the team scoring 39 points

"It's great. To be honest I don't care how many points we got. We're coming home with this victory and it's gonna make my day. Now we have a chance to get that monkey off our back and have a winning streak. We haven't won in like two months. It was crazy…me and my teammates were signing the fight song in the locker room right now."

"when you're winning and catching balls – that's what it's all about. We go out there and have fun, play hard."

On whether he thinks the team can still make it to a bowl game

"Of course, we're always gonna think about a bowl game. We're gonna practice, we're gonna fight hard so we can get six wins so somebody can accept us for a bowl game."

On whether a performance like this, after he signed a baseball contract, makes him think about maybe playing professional football

"I don't think about it too much. I just want to concentrate on the rest of the season. When it comes down to making my decision, I'll make it. But right now I'm just worried about (ASU) football. It's my last time playing college football and I think about that every now and then. But in the meantime I try not to think about it because it makes people upset. I just wanna take every moment like it's my last."

On what his best sport is

"Best sport or my favorite sport? I've been very successful at football, but I was actually drafted twice for baseball. I don't have a favorite sport. When it's football season it's football season, and when it's baseball, it's baseball."

On whether a game like this is a good showcase for him for the 2009 NFL draft

"Yes. My goals are sky high. This is how I wanted to play all year long and I finally got a chance to perform. I haven't had the opportunities to make big plays, and today I got a chance to."

On whether he felt that this was going to be a good day for him and were they a lot of plays set up for him

"Not exactly. We had to make a few adjustments because they showed a couple of defenses we didn't expect. That just gave me opportunities to be open and Rudy (Carpenter) was making great throws. We were just in synch tonight. We made the adjustments at halftime and came out just on fire."

"In the first quarter I made two, three caches (in the same drive)and I was like ‘wow…I didn't get three catches on one drive for two, three years.' I was feeling good. Of course I dropped that one ball…"

On whether he felt his first touchdown changed the momentum for good in the game

"Oh yeah, especially when our defense started to play real hard, got some turnovers. We knew we were about to catch fire and we were driving the ball up and down the field."

Washington is winless and they tried a lot of gimmick plays…

"That's one of the things we knew would happen because they had nothing to lose. They're gonna leave it all on the table, because unfortunately, the coaches there aren't not gonna be (back). I give them all the respect."

On whether the Huskies showed any different defensive looks than they did on film

"Actually, a little cover-two like the rest of the world. But we made adjustments."

On what adjustments worked well for the team

"Running the ball. I think we had almost 200 yards rushing today. It was great. We were running the ball and the receivers were one-on-one and we had chances to make plays."

On whether he was surprised about the cushion the Washington cornerbacks gave him during the game

"Kind of surprised. But at the beginning they were kind of pressing me and I ran some slants and caught the ball. I guess they wanted to make an adjustment and not let me get over the top. They stayed off of me and I had the opportunity to make some plays."

On what adjustments were made at halftime

"We wanted to exploit the secondary. We were running the ball, we were one-on-one and me and Rudy were making some plays that weren't even in the playbook. We just came together and caught on fire. I have that relationship that when I look at him I know already what he's thinking. He can read my body language very good and after that we were in synch we couldn't be stopped."

On talking about snapping the losing streak and getting a win against Washington

"We've been talking about (winning a game) for two months now. It's been hard coming to practice sometimes, but we do practice hard and we finally just carried it over to a game. We were making a lot of mental mistakes. We got a lot of young guys that didn't understand it, but as time went on they did understand how to play the game."

On whether there's enough time to salvage the season

"If we win the next three games, finish 6-6, hopefully we'll be lucky enough to go to a bowl game."

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