Preston Keeping His Options Open

Ed Preston, an offensive guard from Dickinson, Tex., admitted that he wouldn't mind seeing his recruiting pick up from the upper tier schools in the lone star state. Consequently, Arizona State is the biggest name program currently pursuing Preston and has become one of the front runners for his services.

"Arizona State offered me two, three weeks ago," said Preston who's being recruited by Sun Devil defensive coordinator Craig Bray. "It's a big school, really beautiful. It has a good reputation and I like that about a school."

"They have a great coaching staff. Coach Erickson is a great coach who runs a great program."

UTEP, Southern Miss, McNeese State, and Stephen F. Austin are the other programs that have extended offers to the Dickinson lineman. "TCU and Kansas State are recruiting me pretty hard and they may offer me a scholarship too," said Preston.

Overall, Preston is happy with the way his recruiting has gone but didn't hide his wish for some more specific attention. "I would like to play in Texas," admitted Preston, "but if I don't get the offers from the big time programs in Texas then I'm gonna take a look at Arizona State and see what they're all about."

"I think Arizona State is a good school, but at the same time I need to look at the other schools that are recruiting me and see what they have to offer."

TCU is a school that Preston still holds in a very high regard, even though they haven't offered the lineman. "My uncle John Marsh went to school there," Preston explained. "If they offered I would want to keep my options open and look at other schools, but at the same time if they offered they would be hard to turn down."

Ed Preston stands 6-4 290 and reports running the 40-yard dash in 5.0 seconds. He bench presses 395 lbs., squat 595, and power cleans 300.

"I'm not even shaving yet, so I could grow more," commented Preston. "All my uncles who played ball didn't shave until they were in college and grew three, four inches more once they were in college. So maybe I have a chance for that."

"My father is a retired physician and he said I have a chance to be 6-5, 6-6."

Preston reported that virtually all his suitors are recruiting him as an offensive guard. "My strength is my run blocking," he said. "I need to work on pass blocking and my footwork. But I set my goals high enough that I have to work on everything. I work on my skills every day."

Preston stated that he would like to visit Tempe in December or January.

"After the season I'm gonna start visiting these schools and make up my mind about which school is the best for me," he said. "Besides Arizona State, I think I'll visit UTEP and Southern Miss."

The Dickinson Gators are 7-2 and begin the playoffs this week with a home game against Ft. Bend Travis

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