Mohetau's ASU Trip Met His Expectations

One of the most sought after offensive line recruits in the nation, Ofa Mohetau, from Trinity high school in Euless, Texas, visited the Arizona State campus over the weekend and found it to be everything he had been told and more.

"I loved it, I loved it!" said the 6'3.5 340 lineman. "It's kind of different when the coaches are calling you and selling the program on the phone from actually being out there with them and seeing for yourself what they're talking about and how accurate it is. But everything was accurate and I liked everything about the trip."

Mohetau hails from the same town and attends the same high school that current Sun Devil freshmen Ali Likio went to. The pair are close, spending most of Mohetau's official visit together and it's something that might play a role in his final decision. "It might, it might play a factor because I'm a homeboy (of his) and to go somewhere and to have someone from the same hometown makes it a bit more comforting to me."

While this was the first of 5 scheduled official visits to Miami, BYU, Oklahoma and Texas, Mohetau came away feeling as though the visit would be a good measuring stick. "Everything was great. The facilities were great, the atmosphere, just everything. I'm not like some of those guys that just commit. I want to look around. To me, football isn't everything." Mohetau says that he'll put a strong emphasis on the education he'll receive wherever he ends up and plans on challenging himself in the classroom, perhaps even majoring in mechanical engineering.

Despite weighing 340 pounds, Mohetau runs an extraordinary 4.8 in the 40-yard dash and views himself as a prototypical guard. "I want to play a pulling guard because I've gotten pretty good at it and I like pulling, it's my favorite thing to pull around the corner and past the linebackers." While saying he wouldn't necessarily have an aversion to redshirting he'd prefer to play as a true freshmen. "I wouldn't mind it (redshirting), but I want to play my first year, I want to show them that I'm the real thing."

The fact that he's one of the top prospects at his position hasn't gone to his head and he's planning on working hard to improve in the off-season before stepping foot on a college campus this fall. "I'm going to work on my legs, my explosion and my technique. I want to get quicker. Right now I run a 4.8 and I'd like to get it down to a 4.7 if possible. I know high school and college are different levels; college is like a different world and you gotta be ready." And the Sun Devils are ready for Mohetau to commit if he so desires…

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