Williams Sparks Devils Offense

ASU QB Rudy Carpenter said it point blank. The Arizona State offense played terrible in the first half, putting up just 10 points against the worst defense in the history of the Pac 10. But that all changed in the second half, thanks to two big plays from WR Kyle Williams.

Williams caught just two passes, but both were touchdowns. Williams knows how deep the Devils receiving corps are and is grateful for the chances he got tonight.

"It is not always you get your number called, especially with the weapons we have," said Williams. "When you get your number called, you better make a play or somebody else will. My number got called both times and I stepped up."

The first touchdown pass from Carpenter to Williams was on a big third down play. The Devils were leading just 10-0 and Washington State brought a blitz, leaving man-to-man coverage. Williams did a nice job beating his man and Carpenter did the rest with a 21-yard strike.

"The first one he scrambled and he made a nice play," explained Williams, "It was all about him putting the ball in the right spot for me."

The second touchdown pass was from 51 yards and it was the second time ASU ran the same play. The first time they didn't get the coverage they wanted, but the second time around, it was perfect and Williams was wide open for the score.

"It was a good throw by Rudy," remarked Williams. "I just had to run and he hit me in stride, you can't ask for more as a receiver."

The junior is obviously elated, after a six-game losing streak, to start a wining streak, even though it's just a two-game one.

"We will take a win anyway we can get it," acknowledge Williams. "We could have had 30 points in the first half but we missed opportunities. That has been the story all year. We said ‘let's go' and we did."

Williams said tonight was similar to last year, where ASU was always stronger in the second half.

"A lot of people say we are a second half team," said Williams. "But it's a matter of getting the run game established. Then you can throw over the top of them, it's as simple as that."

"When you have Rudy Carpenter back there you aren't going to lose. As soon as we open up the pass lanes we are going to get something done."

Carpenter finished the night passing for 17-25, 213 yards and three scores.

Williams said that the main halftime adjustment was to commit more to the run. Dimitri Nance was just the spark the run game needed to get going. Nance ran for all of his 47 yards in the second stanza.

"We had to sort a few things out," said Williams, "We have to run the ball and Dimitri did a great job and we could get more things done."

"We sorted things out and things sorted themselves out. I'm not going to complain when you shut someone out."

Williams said watching the defense score points in each of the last three games fired up the offense to get into the end zone themselves.

"The defense has played well all year," said Williams "We saw that they can score, we se that and we want to match that. They are putting points up; it's time to do our job."

The junior wide receiver thinks that his unit is finally turning it around and is finally regaining confidence that it can put points on the board.

"For a month and a half or two we were really struggling, we were the weakness of the team," admitted Williams. "We take a lot of pride and want to get things done. We finally started to run the ball and when you run the ball it opens up passing lanes."

Williams says that confidence and attitude is back for Arizona State. Guys are more focused and have the feeling that they can beat anyone again. "We were in a bad funk, we are getting that winning feeling back," stated the wide receiver. "We are starting to like coming back in here, watching more film. We feel that we can beat teams. When you have that going around the team, it is not going to hurt."

When asked if that came in time for ASU, Williams knows that there is still a lot to play for, especially a bowl game.

"Light at the end of the tunnel," laughed Williams, "We are trying to get to a bowl game and we are not far away. We have two more to go and we are taking it one game at a time."

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