Devils Take to the Road on Tuesday

Just a few hours before the Men's basketball team embarked on a short plane ride to San Diego, head coach Herb Sendek addressed the media about his squad's game against San Diego State tomorrow night.

Herb Sendek on whether SDSU game conjures up memories of Nebraska last year:

"We've talked about what happened at Nebraska but obviously it's a new year and you want to learn from every experience. It's a new game on Tuesday night."

"We have a lot of work to do right now. We're not focused on Nebraska. That was a lifetime ago. It's there for whatever it's worth. But that's not what we're spending our time on. We're spending our time on Arizona State first and foremost and secondly on SDSU. Whatever Nebraska offers us from past learning experiences, so be it. But right now we're concerned with improvement."

Sendek on SDSU:

"They're a very good basketball team. I think they won 25 games last year. They're athletic. They extend the floor and will pressure. They do a good job in their man to man defense. Switching and trapping the low post so you really have to be alert on every pass."

Sendek on how a team can become better at rebounding:

"A part of it is awareness. It's not one of those real complicated things. It's just attaching a level of importance to it and having a constitution to consistently go get the ball."

"There were a garden variety (of rebounds given up against MVSU). There were some that ricocheted. There were some that were right at the rim that we didn't get to the inside of the body that were really troublesome. There were others that were long rebounds from the three point shots that they were launching that were scattered on the floor. There was a garden variety, some to serve every taste."

"Ty (Abbott) has great athletic ability and strength. Rebounding can be something he really excels in. He has gotten stronger. His body fat is lower and he has added muscle mass and it's lean muscle mass."

"Everybody has ownership in rebounding. It's a five man proposition. Four guys could block out and do what they're supposed to it just takes one guy to have his guard down and the other guy gets the ball. You have to seal off all possibilities."

Sendek on the health of Derek Glasser:

"We've had a lot of rhythm interrupters in practice. We haven't had anything, fortunately, that has been long term. It's been one thing after another keeping different guys out of practice for days. Derek toughed it out and played on Friday night. Came back, wasn't able to do much on Saturday. The finger was swollen and pretty sore. He practiced most of yesterday so hopefully it will continue to get better. He has a protective guard on it and he's trying to fight through it the best he can."

Sendek on Taylor Rhode:

"Taylor is making progress. Taylor creates action. He knows how to play. On offense he really instigates movement; he creates good action for us."

Sendek on Pendergraph getting into early foul trouble:

"He picked up his second relatively early. We should have had the defensive rebound and it never would have happened. Even when they got the offense rebound we let them off the hook by fouling them. We didn't have to foul them in that situation. We kind of bailed them out rather than allowing them to make a play. Both Jeff and Jamelle were down on the base line and had a chance to work together. We had a marginal lead so we played it conservatively so he didn't jeopardize picking up his third in the first half."

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