ASU-Nebraska Postgame Quotes

ASU Head coach Herb Sendek, and guards James Harden and Ty Abbott address the media following ASU's 64-44 win over Nebraska.

Herb Sendek

Opening Statement

"The difference was our defense; it really stared with Coach Pera who had the scout. They had the guys prepared and ready to go on the defensive end. Even when we weren't scoring at the beginning of both halves, we didn't allow that to carry over to the other end of the floor. I was pleased with our defense overall today." On motivation of last year's lost to Nebraska

"Everybody uses different things to motivate them in different ways. Our guys remember last year, but once the game starts I don't think that is on anybodies mind. You don't have the luxury of that. I think our players realized how good Nebraska was and that we needed to play well to be competitive today. Before the game the guys our guys had it in its proper place. That's what that game was last year, what do we have to do today to play well."

On Ty Abbot and Rihards

"I thought both guys really played well. I think Rik had his career high rebounding. James sets the table for his teammates, he is just really special. Jeff was big with 10 rebounds and a number of times he got a hand out on a shooter and saved our defense."

On Nebraska's style of play

"They are a different kind of team to play. They force you to be sharp with the ball, they have an unconventional style with the pressing, even in the half court. They do a great job of scrambling, they really run hard at shooters. It was a different kind of offensive preparation for our team. At first glance it looks like we would have an advantage in the post position, to what extent we did we had to make up for it on the other end."

On Jeff Pendergraph only scoring four against a small team

"He could have easily had a few more. He had a few shots that normally go down for him and they brought two or three defenders, so he'd kick it out to an open shooter. They do a great job of forcing turnovers in the post. They pounce on any dribble and trap the post. If they are going to send two or three defenders down there you have to be able to get it out and take advantage of them trying to rotate."

On if this is the team's best defensive effort

"I am not good at comparisons. But I would say so far this year it would be yes."

On playing good defense and only committing nine team fouls

"I think a flurry came at the end of the game when we lost our concentration. That was a very positive number for us tonight. Also, we only had 12 turnovers, especially since we had four at the first media timeout. Nebraska is a team that is more than capable of forcing 20 plus turnovers."

James Harden

On if they remembered last year

"We remember what they did to us last year, so we had to come out with some aggressiveness and do what we do."

On playing a five guard lineup

"It was fun, it was just like playing against each other in practice. Guards scraping, pressing, trapping. We are going to get a lot of open shots and layups and guys knocked them down." On being more of a passer on Sunday

"That's how I play every game. Get Jeff easy buckets or the perimeter guys as many open looks as possible, today they did a good job of knocking down open shots."

On Nebraska's Full Court Press

"They do it so randomly, trapping anywhere. From on the ball, to the sideline, on the ball. They are real random and we executed really well."

On Rihards' and Ty's outside shooting

"I love it. I tell these guys to always be ready to shoot the ball. Just have confidence and shots are going to fall. After the first shot, I told Ty to be ready I'm going to keep going to you, Rik too."

On Team Rebounding

"We are doing a better job of pursuing the ball rebounding. We know if we don't we have three hours of film after the game and we don't want that."

Ty Abbott

On his block

"Just got to get back, can't give them a wide open layup." On the team's defense

"I think it was great, 44 points and we held them to a low percentage shooting. We got ball pressure and got some steals and got going."

On if it is a mental thing when in a shooting slump

"I don't know if it is a mental barrier, just stop thinking about it. Just go back to the basics and just keep shooting the ball."

On his improvement to be more consistent this year

"I'm doing alright I think. Still working and have lots of work to do."

On focusing on defense

"That is what we all have been focusing on, is our defense. Our offense is going to start with our defense."

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