Kansas State to face Unfamiliar Offense

It's no secret that very few conferences showcase the passing game as the Pac-10 does. Thus, when Kansas State faces Arizona State in the Holiday Bowl, they will encounter an explosive vertical game, which is rarely seen in the Big 12 conference. Coach Dirk Koetter believes that this aspect of the game could pose a problem for his opponent.

"When you watch a K-State's film and the camera goes to the end zone, you see those flags going a 100 miles an hour." says Koetter, "I coached in that league for five years, and it's hard to have the type of passing offense that teams in the Pac-10 have. They have an excellent team, and do play some teams that throw it quite a bit. We're gonna give them some problems, just like they are gonna give us some too."

Even though the ASU coach points out the defensive challenge that awaits the Wildcats, he still maintains the admiration he has for their team. "They have a terrific team, that is good in all three phases. We have the outmost respect for this team. But we're gonna go out there, and put our best foot forward, and do everything we can. We have a good team too, and we're gonna try to show that to everybody." Koetter exclaims that playing a national powerhouse brings many positive implications with it. "What a great opportunity for us… It's our fifth top 10 team we're playing this year…I think our recruiting is going well, and a good showing on national TV would never hurt recruiting."

It's quite obvious that Kansas State will try and wear down the Sun Devils with their powerful ground attack, while trying to take away that same offensive aspect from Koetter's team. Following an impressive rushing attack in their last game of the season, against Arizona, the ASU coach would love to build on that momentum and continue to pound the ball effectively. "Kansas State will first and foremost try and stop the run, and they're good at it. Arizona tried to stop the pass. As always, you just have to take what they give you." If that prediction actually materializes, then one can expect ASU's rushing attack to balance the passing game rather than be the focal point of the offense.

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