ASU-UW Post-Game Quotes

ASU head coach Herb Sendek, and forward Jeff Pendergraph talk about the Sun Devils' 84-71 loss to Washington.

Herb Sendek

Opening Statement

"I thought the two Washington guards really controlled the game today. We didn't have an answer for them off the bounce and beyond the arc. Those guys really had us tied up. I thought Jeff Pendergraph really stood up and gave us a great performance but clearly the guard play of Washington was significant."

On his Halftime Thoughts

"I didn't feel good about going in at halftime down 12. I think it is reflected in my first comment, we had a difficult time in transition and turned the ball over too much, took ill-advised shots that led to the court being scattered. Little guys are good in that situation. They did a nice job in the half court of taking us off of the dribble."

On Turnovers "It is always two, any time there is an event like this. Both teams are trying to counteract what the other is doing. We were much better in the second half, we only had one or two in the second half."

On Washington setting the game's tempo.

"They are going to dictate tempo because of their pressure defense. I wanted our guys to have an aggressive mentality, but understand the road conditions. Sometimes it is sunny and bright and you have to attack, when a team is pressuring you like that you can go the speed limit. Other times, there is more traffic and it is raining, but you have to understand the difference. I didn't want our guys coming out tentative because they like to play fast. That would have been writing a check for them."

On the team's struggling offense

"As complicated as our sport may seem, you still have to put the ball in the basket that has been our albatross. We don't have the kind of margin for error at this level of competition to not convert more finishes around the basket, not convert free throws and our three-point shooting has been at 30%."

On the last 15 minutes

"The energy was better then, but we need that to extend for the full 40 minutes. Energy is important for everybody to bring."

Jeff Pendergraph

On containing Jon Brockman but having others go off

"That was one of our goals, we knew we had to contain Brockman and keep him off of the offensive glass and I think we did. We weren't really expecting Dentmon and Thomas to go off like they did. We have to step up and not let that stuff happen. That is two games in a row where guards have gone off, guys have to step up and not let that happen. Freshman too, you can't let some guy who has barely finished his 100 level class come in here and kick your butt - that is embarrassing. We need to figure things out real quick. We need to stop worrying about our shooting and things will start falling. Guys are worrying too much about their shooting percentage right now, they need to let that go and just play."

On halftime thoughts and the start of the second half

"It felt like we kind of close and we walk in at halftime and wonder why we are getting our butts kicked. I tried to get into the guys and next thing you know is they come out and smack us in the mouth again. It is frustrating. To me that was the biggest surprise and how we responded after that."

On if somebody would have told them they would be swept at home

"That we must have been playing bad basketball. That is not typical us. If our shooting is down, our defense will pick us up. That is what happened at UCLA that is what happened at UA. We have gotten away from that and refocus. We are going on the road and people will be booing us. Oregon's is a hostile environment, we have to get this going or things can roll downhill really fast."

On the struggling defense

"I have no idea, I don't know. I have no idea. If you miss a shot, everybody misses shots, nobody is 100%. People are weak minded and they get real down on themselves. If you don't worry about something then it will happen. If you go in as a shooter and say you have to shoot well today, you are going to suck, you are too robot. When we are playing, nobody has to tell us nothing, we are just playing. Anybody can run anything they want if we are on our top defense game. You can put the best players in the world out there and we are going to shut them down if we are on top of our defensive game."

On today's officials

"Can you get fined in college, I'm broke. That is part of the game. You can't change refs mid-game, you can't say ‘you guys suck we want new ones', you have to adjust to them. The refs are calling it like this, we need to adjust. You have to adjust, officiating is going to be really good and really bad, it depends what side you are on. For Washington, they were fantastic, but for us they hurt us, but we have to play through that. Even with different refs you can't let Dentmon get 30 points, or a freshman 25."

On allowing Dentmon to go off and if he was surprised

"Kind of, he didn't get layups. He wasn't down there by me. Our guards have to pick it up and say we are tired of getting slapped in the face. Sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough. You can't let these guys bust my butt."

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