Post-Game Quotes

ASU Head coach Herb Sendek and his players discuss ASU's 65-53 victory over USC.

Jeff Pendergraph on ASU's ball security and lack of turnovers:

"Coach has been harping on us, we've been kind of low on turnovers anyway, he said if we can keep it lower that means we get that many more possessions and they get that many less. I was kind of surprised we didn't have any at half time and then we had four. It seemed like we got them all back to back. We were at zero for a while, then four. It was good. Guys were taking care of the ball and finding open people. We just executed Coach Sendek's game plan today down to a T.

Pendergraph on the difference between this game and the first with USC this season:

"One thing was we knew that they were going to try to take (James Harden) and (Rihards Kuksiks) out of the game. Try and have other guys like Derek (Glasser), Ty (Abbott), and Mac (Jamelle McMillan) try to beat them and we already knew that coming in and we just executed and it kind of didn't matter what they were doing anyway because we had a game plan for it and it wasn't a big surprise that they weren't going to let James get the ball.

Jamelle McMillan on finding his shot and bouncing back:

"They recklessly run at James trying to contain him, you can't stop him but you can contain him, and we just had to settle down and knock it down. That was the main thing for us tonight. We were able to do that. I felt good and I'm going back to the old way of shooting, I've gotten more repetitions that way and it feels more comfortable that way. It's been successful for me and hopefully will continue the rest of the season."

"Ty knocked down some shots. All the guards played very well. Playing with Derek is a lot of fun. Takes pressure off of both us having two guys who can handle the ball and look for each other on the floor. We'll see how it goes and its big time for teams like Arizona who play a lot of zone."

Pendergraph on USC Head Coach Tim Floyd's outburst:

"I had never seen anything like that. That was kind of intense. I thought he was going to punch the ref. I've seen coaches get ejected, technical's, all mad, run on the floor and talk to the refs but it took him like five minutes to leave. I was like ‘we need to shoot these free throws right now and keep moving'. He was just stomping and puffing. It was a crazy call though. They had two different refs with two different things. It's a frustrating situation and a frustrating game.

Pendergraph on rivalry with USC

"With how good we're playing right now I think everyone is a rival. It's a lot different when you're on the top than when you're on the bottom. When you're at the bottom nobody cares and when you're at the top everyone is trying to beat you. Ever since Derek Glasser came to the team there has always been something crazy. USC doesn't like Derek. They don't like Derek and they don't like me, so I don't like them. 'Cause you can't mess with my point guard, it's the only way I get the rock. At the end of the game there was no beef. It's an intense rivalry in the game and after the end everybody is cool."

Pendergraph on Scheme Changes by Sendek:

"Coach changed something at shoot around. We didn't even know what we were doing. He puts new stuff in during the game. He watches film religiously, even more than religiously, whatever that is."

McMillan on the charge he took at the end of the game:

"Rihards actually got ripped during the time out for not taking a charge the play before. A situation like that, a guy is not looking to pass. He is going to score, see if he can to the rim, fouled, stop the clock. Whether or I was moving or not I was going to fall. That was my plan the whole time, take it, and fortunately the call went my way and they got a little angry about it. I made up my mind when I saw him trying to go by Derek that I was going to fall regardless."

Herb Sendek on the team's Ball Control and lack of turnovers:

"We had fifteen the first time we played USC. We had seventeen on Thursday night. It's a matter of perspective but since you're asking me mine, I didn't think we played particularly well at SC. That wasn't one of our best games to put it kindly. That's not to take anything away from SC. They had a lot to do with us playing poorly. We were just a lot sharper than we were in LA."

Sendek on new sets he implemented:

"On game day if it's eight o'clock on Sunday night I need to do something therapeutic. It's really not for them it's for me. When you get up as early as I do and then game is not until fourteen or fifteen ours later and the bulk of your preparation is done I have to do something to keep from going crazy. I have this board I carry with me and I just keep playing with it. Probably none of those plays work probably other than providing therapy for me."

Sendek on team's play after trailing 38-39 in second half:

"I thought we missed some of the same kind of shots we've gotten previously and made. To try to keep it a little bit in perspective for our guys, we had played the first twenty minutes and yielded twenty points and I think at that point they had already scored eighteen in less than eight minutes. Our defense had suffered a significant drop off in terms of its effectiveness."

Sendek on back-to-back twenty win seasons:

"I think it's really important right now to stay in the moment. I want our guys to feel good tonight about what they did, learn from things they may have done differently or better and beyond that, just let it go. Those kinds of things are like vapor. This is a nice moment right now we get to share. We'll enjoy it, we feel good about it and that's it period."

Derek Glasser on his effective outside shot:

"Guys are leaving me to double James so I have to be confident 'cause I'm going to be wide open to shoot it. We've been getting a lot shots outside and I've been getting confidence in practice."

Glasser on rivalry with USC:

"Well I'm not sure how it was before I got here but there is definitely a little something in the air when we play."

Glasser on the tandem of him and McMillan on the floor:

"Having two guys that can handle the ball takes a lot of pressure off of me and off of him because if I can't do it Jamelle can do it and I'll just run the wing. Yesterday I told Jamelle we're going to need thirty points to win and we ended up getting twenty nine."

Glasser on the offense's looks at the basket:

"I think we just stayed with the game plan and in the second half we really tried to get James the ball in the block where he can attack and make plays for himself and everyone else. At USC we got him the ball too far away from the basket."

Glasser on rivalry game with Arizona next Sunday:

"They're playing as well as anyone in the country right now. Every game you look at the box score they have two or three guys scoring twenty plus points. Neither of us played well in Tucson so we'll have to step up."

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