Erickson's Post-Practice Quotes

Wrapping up the first week of spring practices, the Sun Devils took the field Saturday for its second practice in pads and first scrimmage. There was a slight breeze whisping through, but on the field it was already heating up. After a 5-7 season, there are a lot of lingering questions and positions to be battled for, but the players clearly answered any doubts as to the physicality of the team.

The defense played aggressive, and the offensive line, riddled with injury, didn't back down. Despite dominant defensive play, the crew of young and relatively inexperienced quarterbacks was able to move the ball with efficiency showing improvement from earlier in the week.

Following practice, head coach Dennis Erickson shared his thoughts on the scrimmage and answered questions about how the team is shaping up.

Q: What were your initial impressions watching the scrimmage?

A: "It's so hard to tell, but it was good on both sides. Defensively, they ran around. We have a lot of good players on defense. That is what it is all about. Offensively, we're doing some new things. I thought we threw it well. The running game will come because it's a little bit different. We'll add some formations, but I thought there were some good things. The quarterbacks had their moments, and we made some good plays. I'm happy with where we're at."

Q: What did you think about the quarterback play?

A: "I have to look at tape, I just can't tell out there. I'll have a better answer probably on Tuesday. We've got to trim it down a little bit. We've got to start getting turns in the next week or so. I can't continue to practice five guys. I've got to make this decision in the next couple of weeks to get it down to at least three."

Q: Brock Osweiler looks like he is feeling comfortable out on the field. How is he doing?

A: "In no way does Brock look out of place. He's one of the most mature young players I've seen. Danny had his moments and Samson had his moments. They all had their moments. It's probably as well as our quarterbacks have played."

Q: Can you talk about the shifting of the offensive line?

A: "We are kind of hurting at guard. We have so many injuries right now. You have Tello who can't practice. Hustad can't practice. Zach Schlink can't practice. We've got problems. We've got Njunge and Jamison at right tackle. So, we are probably going to keep Hargis at guard the way it looks right now. Then on the left side we have Shawn and Kyle Johnson. When we get healthy, we'll be pretty good, but right now we're a skeleton offensive front.

Q: Do you think the offense is starting to move the ball easier?

A: "I think we were protecting the ball better with the first and second group. The thing about that is you can't see if it is run or pass. I think it enables them to protect it better."

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