Post-Spring Game Quotes

Head coach Dennis Erickson and quarterback Danny Sullivan talk about Saturday's spring game.

Dennis Erickson

On Defense Dominating the Spring Game

"I figured that was going to happen, I would have been disappointed if it would have gone the other way. There were some good things offensively; we made a lot of improvement. Defense we need to be where we are at, it is the strength of our football team. It was a good spring game. It shows you how things can turn games around, for example on the opening drive when we turned it over. I'm happy with the whole spring; the game is kind of trivial."

On the Defense

"We have guys that have been playing awhile. Brooks came back and the linebackers are playing really well. Overall defensively we are where we want to be. Hopefully we can carry it over to the fall."

On who the starting quarterback will be

"I'm going to have to evaluate it, I can't tell you right now. He didn't do anything in the game to take him away from doing that. We didn't play him a lot in the second half to give Brock and Samson some turns."

On the running backs

"Dimitri has had the best spring; he will go into the fall #1. You need four or five tailbacks, Ryan had some good times and Morrison too. We have freshman coming in to help too."

On the Wide Receivers

"Receiving core is good; it was nice to see Chris McGaha back out there and making plays. You have him and Kyle; it is a good group with lots of depth."

On Injuries in the Spring Game

"Otis Jones had an ACL; you never want that at a spring game. We haven't had injuries all spring. Altieri had a mild MCL sprain and Derrall Anderson dislocated his elbow."

On what Sullivan improved on this spring

"His accuracy is something that jumped out at me. He has thrown it accurately all spring. His command of the offense, he has done a nice job with that."

On Chasen Stangel

"Chasen Stangel has left the football team, he has decided to transfer. To where, I have no clue. Good kid, just wanted to go to a place where he could play."

On worrying about only having three quarterbacks

"No, I've played with two and one once too. If you get to the fourth you have a problem."

More on the quarterbacks

"I thought all three had a good spring, but Danny had a real good spring. We will see what happens, it is an everyday thing."

On if the offense did anything different than last week

"Not really, we are doing the same things. We can't turn the ball over and we have to block better. You didn't see everything, but we did the base part of it pretty well."

On the difference in this spring

"We wanted to be very physical this spring. We were much more physical, we scrimmaged and hit more and it has made a big difference."

Danny Sullivan

On what improved the most on the offense

"Our attitude has helped us get better through spring. We knew we had to get better. A whole new attitude has got us to where we are now. Offensively we have got so much better it is not even funny. Today was one of those days; it is how you react to it."

On who made the biggest improvement in the spring

"Kyle Williams made a huge improvement. He has been a big key for us. Garth Gerhart and the whole line have been huge, the protection has been much better."

On being the top guy going into fall

"At this point, until I hear it is set in stone I see it as competition. Things can change from day one; I have to solidify my spot."

On if the offense needs work

"I wouldn't say we need work, we just had too many hiccups today. Too many picks and a fumble. You knew the defense was going to be hungry after last week. They played great today."

On what he needs to do before fall

"Staying consistent, staying accurate and throwing with these guys. Making sure we are still working. We don't want to go 5-7, we want to make a bowl game and be known nationally."

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