Mohetau Still Has ASU in His Sights recently spoke with Ofa Mohetau, an All-American offensive linemen from Trinity (TX) high school in Euless, Texas. After a series of rumors a couple weeks back, Mohetau set the record straight on his recruiting.

At 6'3 and 340 pounds Ofa Mohetau is quite obviously a big young man. But it's his stature and not his physical size that is most impressive about this talented athlete. As one of the most coveted high school recruits in the nation, Mohetau receives announced and unannounced visiting college coaches at his school on a regular basis. He fields an endless stream of phone calls from coaches, national and local media outlets and recruiting services alike. Not surprising, Mohetau spends quite a bit of time out of the house trying to get away from it all. We were extremely fortunate to catch up with Mohetau for a brief update and he set the record straight about his current status, and the accuracy of reports that he has already made up his mind about which University he would be attending later this year.

On Christmas day, an unofficial Brigham Young University website, TotalBlueSports, released a story quoting Ofa Mohetau as saying, "I know I will end up at BYU. I don't see myself going anyplace else." But, in this exclusive interview, conducted on the evening of January 6th, Mohetau denied the validity of the story. "It's not true. I haven't made any decision. I do like BYU, but I like everything about the other schools I am looking at too. I wouldn't make any decision before I take my official visits." Mohetau has a final four of BYU, Arizona State, Texas and Miami and says of the difficult decision, "I like all of them equal right now." Having already visited Arizona State where his cousin Ali Likio is a freshmen defensive lineman, Mohetau has plans to visit Texas this coming weekend, BYU on 1/17, and Miami on 1/24. He plans on making a decision in the week or so after his final visit to Miami. "I think I should be ready at that point."

There are at least two added personal factors that Mohetau will take into consideration when making his decision. One of which is the close relationship he has with Likio, a relative he has previously described as his "homeboy." Though he doesn't know exactly how he and Likio are related, he says it doesn't really matter. "My mother would have to tell you about that, I'm not really sure. As far as Polynesians (though) there ain't really no distant cousins or (distant) relatives." The other personal factor worth noting is the fact that Mohetau is determined to go on an LDS church mission regardless of where he ends up. "Oh yeah, I made that clear with all the schools that are recruiting me. I'm going (on a mission)" Asked whether he plans to take the mission after his first year of college, Mohetau explained, "Yeah, that's what I plan to do."

Mohetau is the type of person that isn't particularly found of all the attention and notoriety that goes along with being named a high school All-American by just about every media outlet including USA Today and the "It's kind of hard to swallow. I never had it in my mind that I would go out and be one of the best players in Texas or in the country. I just wanted to go out and play the sport that I love. It all came out of nowhere and caught me off guard. To be honest if I could go without it, I'd rather live without it. Sometimes I think it'd be nice to just take everything back and I could just crawl back into my little corner (where nobody knows me)."

The hardest thing to deal with ironically is not the media, but the coaches. "As far as you guys calling me (reporters), I don't care about that but coaches showing up at school and getting (me) pulled out of class...I mean when I'm in school I want to got to class, when I play football, I want to play football." And in a few weeks we'll know where this blue chip lineman will be playing his Saturdays…

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