Kirk Shines in Phoenix Tournament

The Elite 8 in the Desert event this past weekend featured several quality 2010 and 2011 prospects. Yet, no one justified his accolades more than Alex Kirk. The 6-11 220 player from Los Alamos, N.M. showed why he is ranked by as the 10th best center in the nation. Devils Digest caught up with Kirk who has been on the Sun Devils' recruiting radar for quite some time.

In his first game of the tournament, Alex Kirk put on quite a display scoring 29 points (made seven consecutive baskets at one point) and collecting eight rebounds and two blocks in a one-point loss in overtime. In the second game the center and his Danny Granger Hurricanes club played poorly and were blown out by 29 points, as the center tallied 21 points and seven caroms.

At 6-11 220 Kirk has an impressive built for a high school junior. His offensive arsenal is quite extraordinary as well. He has sound form on his jump shot and can score both from medium range and beyond the arc. In the paint he finishes very well, displaying a tough to defend hook shot, and a turnaround jumper that more often than not found the bottom of the net.

Kirk certainly doesn't wow you athletically, but does run the floor quite well, and showed adequate quickness and ball handling, and good hands for a big man. His defense is definitely not a strong suit, although his effort would never be the culprit for not being able to stop an opponent.

Arizona State, along with schools such as Texas Tech, USC, Vanderbilt, Colorado and New Mexico have all offered the talented center. "I have a lot of schools talking to me right now, about 40 of them," Kirk told Devils Digest. "It's been a great experience and I've talked to a lot of good coaches out there. I've been very lucky to be part of this experience.

"I'm just trying to get through school now, so I didn't start making a short list of colleges. In the summer I'll start looking at what I want in a college, what situation I need to go to. I need to fit in with the coaching style, and with the team that they have. I want to play early and not sit on the bench until my junior year."

Kirk unofficially visited the Sun Devils last September. He has a grandmother who lives in the Phoenix area, thus the center is familiar with the Valley of the Sun's surroundings. Kirk will re-acquaint himself with the area as he is scheduled to be part of the Amare Stoudemire Camp this summer.

The Los Alamos High School standout has been very impressed with the recruiting efforts of ASU assistant coach Lamont Smith and the maroon and gold in general.

"It (ASU) is a great program," Kirk stated. "It's a great team. Look who is going from this team to the NBA next year – that tells you everything. Coach Sendek does a great job and I talk a lot to him and coach Smith. They have had a lot of success and I like that about them.

"The coaches talk to me about how many touches Jeff Pendergraph got in the paint, and when I watched them light up Washington I saw how he would get the ball and do a good job scoring or passing the ball. That's great basketball and that was fun to watch. I enjoyed that."

Earlier in the year, Kirk joined Houston Hoops, one of the premiere AAU clubs in the state of Texas, and credited head coach Marland Lowe with his development this past season. "Coach Lowe has been on me a lot," Kirk commented. "He tells me to just keep shooting the ball and my dad has been working on me to stay in shape."

Kirk's club team is scheduled to participate this summer in prestigious tournaments such as Nike Peach Jam and the AAU National Championships. These stages are certainly bigger than the one he was on just recently, but there's no reason to believe that his prowess won't be on full display as he faces the top 2010 prospect competition in the nation.

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