Sullivan Not Complacent

After being regulated to a reserve role for three years, Danny Sullivan is naturally excited to be currently slotted at the starting quarterback for the Sun Devils. Nonetheless, he knows that that his long awaited debut as a starter is still far from being guaranteed. Danny Sullivan admitted that being a bench player thus far in his Arizona State tenure wasn't enjoyable.

"I can sit here and say ‘yeah, Rudy (Carpenter) is doing well'," said Sullivan, "but in the back of mind It's ‘gosh, I wish I was out there.' Because it looks like so much fun out there."

And now that he's front and center in the role of a starting quarterback, Sullivan confessed that he's still "fighting to win a job…nothing is set in stone yet. He (Head Coach Dennis Erickson) hasn't named a starter. So I have to go out there thinking that I have to fight to win this job, because nothing is handed to me."

Speaking of Erickson, the Sun Devil skipper maintained that his squad has a ways to go. Sullivan didn't try to refute that notion.

"We can work on our consistency because we don't have any of that right now," Sullivan stated. "I've been telling the guys for weeks that when we'll be consistent we'll be pretty good. We're starting to buy into that. We're getting there."

There is added motivation for Sullivan and his teammates and that's not to become the first ASU team since1946-47 to have back-to back-losing seasons.

"We're definitely hungrier," Sullivan said. "That's one thing we preached since we came to school in January. We don't want to even go 7-5. We want to come out and be good out here and we are working our butts off.

"We were all pumped today and against all the competition the defense brings it's fun. They are a really good defense that wants to live up to their expectations. So doing well against them every day is going to be a big deal for us. We have to make sure that we continue to get better and better against a stout defense."

In contrast to the defense, the offensive line, at the least to some college football experts, will continue to be a question mark this year.

"I'm very confident," Sullivan said of his team's front five. "These are my guys. I'll treat them with respect and they are going to give me the same back. We're going to have some fun out here. You can't play this game without having some fun. The more we do that, the easier things will be."

Overall offensively, Sullivan noted that that all the work he and his receivers put in during informal workouts has paid off in terms of timing and crisp routes. "I was throwing balls right at the back of defenders' ears and it was working," Sullivan said of Thursday's practice.

The signal caller noted that he carried over some positives from his spring practice sessions such as improved footwork and accuracy. "I think I only had two incompletions today that were my fault," claimed Sullivan. "That's a big deal for me. The more I can get the ball in the hands of Kyle (Williams), Chris (McGaha) and Kerry (Taylor) they'll get yards and make me look good.

"As a unit the wide receivers are looking to be the best in the Pac-10. They have that mentality. Kyle has been a leader for them this year and his leadership role is going to be big for us going into the Pac-10 season. They are determined and that's a big deal for me."

Sullivan is content with the offensive scheme which calls for him to be in the shotgun more often than he was ever before, and working with a spread scheme.

"It's key giving a different look for defenses will be big for us," Sullivan explained. "We still have three-wides, we still have a tight end in the offense, but getting four wides on the field is pretty nice. Kyle, Chris, Kerry, T.J. (Simpson), Gerell (Robinson)…the list goes on and on. Having all those guys out there is pretty exciting to me."

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