ASU Visit Opens Chris Hemphill's Eyes

Despite the fact that he committed to Washington almost a month ago, Chris Hemphill, a 6'4 205 safety from Junipero Serra high school in Gardena California decided to officially visit Arizona State along with teammate Devin Stearns, and he's glad he did.

Hemphill's host on the visit was Randy Hill, the roommate of Loren Wade (who hosted Devin Stearns). It afforded Hemphill the ability to also spend a lot of time with Stearns and both of them had a very nice time on their visit. He still considers himself committed to Washington, but says that he's still looking at his other options, most notably ASU. "Earlier I wanted to go there (to visit), and they started showing me interest, so I just decided to go there and visit. Arizona State offered a lot of good things. I think if I went to Arizona State first, I would have committed there instead of Washington." When asked if that meant he would consider a change of heart, Hemphill said, "I'd say there's about an 85% chance I'll sign with Washington." But he's quick to add that if he feels that UW isn't right for him he won't hesitate to reconsider. "Definitely (it's possible) but I really don't know what it would take. It'd just be a feeling I'd have to have inside."

With both Stearns and Hemphill looking hard at both Washington and ASU, the obvious question that comes into play is how interested the two players are in selecting a college together. "We talk about it all the time. But he hasn't told me which one he's going to pick, because he's not even sure himself what he wants to do. ASU is very much involved and Washington is very much involved. It could be either one."

Hemphill is being recruiting primarily by coach Jackson and says that both he and coach Koetter have made a good impression. "They're both great guys. I had a chance to sit down and talk with coach Jackson more and he's a great guy, and coach Koetter too. He was very honest with me and I like that about him. He told me about the 3 safety scheme and next year they'll only have about 5 or 6 safeties coming back so I'll hopefully be able to come in and contribute; they blitz a lot too, do a lot of different things and show their versatility and I like that."

Equally as impressive to Hemphill was the University itself. "I went on the campus tour, and everything is close and there's so much to do there with the computers and the resources. I want to major in History and I sat down and talked to the History advisor and he was great. I had a lot of questions and he answered them."

If things go the Sun Devils' way Hemphill could decide that he wants to make a name for himself in the history books at ASU.

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