Erickson's Monday Post-Practice Quotes

Monday signified fall practice's first session in pads and the Sun Devils' head coach liked the tempo he saw in today's practice.

On his impressions of the first practice in pads

"I thought it was good. A lot of enthusiasm. A lot of hitting. It's what I expected. The execution on both sides is getting better. We're starting to make plays at wide receiver. With the combination of some of the new things that we are doing, it was better. We have a long ways to go, but I was happy with it."

On the offense's performance today

"Danny made some throws, we made some catches. We get our guys in one on one situations and take advantage with those receivers. When they start doing something that opens the run a little bit." On his impressions of tight end Dan Knapp who's healthier than he has been before and taking reps on the first team

"He's not healthy, but he's getting there. When you have knee surgery and you're nine months into it, you're healthy but you're not healthy. He's sore but he's getting better and more confident every day. I think today was a real key with the things that we did for him to get confidence. He brings a physical presence to us in that position and we need that."

On whether they are certain things that have jumped out at him so far as he reviews practices

"Our linebackers are obviously playing good. Lawrence Guy has been very difficult to block. Young guys like Corey Adams and Will Sutton are getting better all the time. Our young safeties are playing better. I think offensively the whole offensive front is getting better with what they are doing technique wise.

"We moved Chris (McGaha) inside some and that is going to help us when Kyle (Williams) is not in there. Running backs are starting to see things a lot better. They're playing better than they did last spring."

On the difficulty in sorting out the depth chart among the many running backs

"We'll have to see how it shakes out. You can't play a bunch of them. We have some options redshirting wise with the young guys. We'll see. Jarrell Woods is having a pretty good camp so far, which is a pleasant surprise."

About the attitude he saw in practice today

"Attitude has been good as we've had since I've been here. This team – they have fun. I think a lot of that is some of the young guys that have come in the last couple of years that are just energetic and come from programs that are like that and it's kind of spilled over to everybody.

"Two a days are drudgery, there's no question about that. But they are having a lot of fun, they are enjoying themselves. They are competing against each other and that's what makes practice so good. For us to continue to get better and better, we have to make it a war out there in practice. Have fun, but compete against each other and make each other better, and I see that right now."

On balancing indoor and outdoor practices in fall camp and the effect it has on the energy level of the players

"I would assume that it would help (the energy level of the players). Being out in this (outside) all the time is not what you want to do. That's why we build it (the indoor facility). I think it's going to help. I think we got a lot of energy in there today and I don't know if we would have gotten that if we would have been outside.

"It's going to make a big difference as time goes on."

On the health status of Brandon Smith and Chris Coyle

"Coyle has a broken a bone outside of his foot. They're going to have to put a screw in there and it's probably going to be about six weeks. We haven't had the MRI on Brandon, but they (the trainers) really think it's a torn ACL."

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