Erickson's Tuesday's AM Post-Practice Quotes

Tuesday's morning practice was a humid one, but Coach Erickson felt that his team had a good energy level despite the heat.

On the humidity

"It shouldn't be a big deal to us, you know? It did get us a little bit I think but it gets everybody a little bit. Welcome to Miami."

On two-a-days

"What we'll do really, and you can probably count on it most of the time is that we'll be out in the morning and we'll be inside in the afternoon. When it's a one-a-day practice depending on what it's like, most likely we'll be in or we'll do part of it out here and go in."

On the team's energy

"It wasn't bad. Pretty good for the start of two-a-days, and we went hard in pads yesterday. We had a lot of energy in a lot of places, some places we didn't. When we all have energy we have a chance. I feel like we're in very good condition and we got some things done. "

On the running back situation

"Dmitri and Ryan coming out of spring ball have earned a right to be one and two right now. That doesn't mean anything. I did make a move, I moved Jamal Miles to slot just to see where he's at. He looked awfully good there. He's got great speed and hands and great feet so we're going to play him there and try him there the next couple of weeks, I think he can really be awfully good in there."

On Ryan Bass' style of running

"Very elusive is the best way to put it. He makes people miss, and yet he's got some power that he can break tackles. He's got good feet and that's probably the number one thing."

On Shaun DeWitty's play

"DeWitty is getting better. He missed the spring, but he's doing some good things. He's starting to show himself a little bit as we get into it. I'm gonna play whoever is helping in practice. The freshman looks good too, Cameron Marshall. He's got some stuff to him so he looks pretty healthy."

On Mike Nixon

"He's a good athlete. You don't play pro baseball and not be a good athlete. He is tough physically and mentally and he's really smart. He'll make up two steps on a guy that is faster than him."

On dealing with older players like Mike and Nixon and Dean DeLeone

"Seven years of seniority and they've been through it for seven years. same thing with DeLeone. He's been around, he's rode a lot of buses. He's not on scholarship, he's playing the game for the fun of it, so he can teach a lot to those guys and teach a lot to everybody. He's a guy that can come in and him and I can sit and visit or he can visit with coach Bray about different things and he's a coach on the field basically and that's because of his maturity."

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