Erickson's Wednesday's Post-Practice Quotes

After the team's first two-a-day yesterday, the Sun Devils were in the bubble working mostly on team drills Wednesday. It was a back and forth practice between the offense and defense, both of which seem to be improving everyday.

Zach Schlink, Dan Knapp, and Osahon Irabor all sat out practice today, but unlike the cornerback Schlink and Knapp should be back soon. Erickson was pleased with the practice and knows that moving the guys inside every once and a while can only help them.

On the team's energy after two-a-days

"Energy was good today. It really was. It was better today than it was yesterday afternoon. Going in and not having to deal with that heat everyday makes a difference. It's a lot more fun inside than out here, I'll tell you that."

On using Szakacsy to execute runs out of the spread

"We can do that with anybody. We can do it with Brock. It's a matter of how they are playing things and our defense because we hand the ball off a lot, then he pulled it. It was the first time we've pulled it all camp. People know we do that, they've got to pay attention to it, it opens other things. We have that in our offense, are we going to make a living of it? No, but we have it and I think it could be pretty effective."

On practice as a whole

"I thought it went good. We had a lot of team stuff today. We had blitz, some regular team, and some red-zone today. So it was pretty much a team-oriented practice, I thought it went well."

On the quarterbacks

"I thought there was some good things, some bad things. We're making some mistakes, some places we shouldn't throw it sometimes and we do, but that's all part of practicing."

On Vontaze Burfict's attitude on the field

"He loves playing the game. That's one thing about those kids from that high school. They love playing the game. You get 105 guys who like to play the game and you've got a chance to win, and he loves playing."

On the injuries to Schlink, Knapp and Irabor

"We're gonna give Schlink a couple of days off and same thing with Knapp, hopefully they'll be able to go Saturday for the scrimmage. Schlink's knee swelled up a little bit so we kept him out, Knapp was sore so we're gonna keep him out of a couple practices, and he'll be back. That's just how you have to deal with those knee injuries right now."

Erickson added that Irabor had a broken wrist and will have to get a screw put in it, and will be out for the whole year.

On whether he's considering using a two-quarterback system

"I don't know. I won't decide that till we get ready to play a game. I just want to see how it works out right now. Whatever it takes to win; if it takes two of them or three of them or if I have to go to the wildcat and put somebody else in there we'll do, but whatever it takes to win."

On Bobby Wenzig's punting

"Actually he's kicking the ball a lot better, and not just punting but kicking as well. He's a young guy, he'll be able to red-shirt, get bigger and stronger and hopefully he'll have a future here. Right now Thomas Weber is our punter. Thomas is punting the ball better than he ever has, he'll end up doing both for us."

On Dexter Davis' leadership

"He's got great work ethic. He's a proven football player. One of the best defensive ends in the country. He's a leader and he doesn't say a lot, he just plays. People respect him for what he does and he's a huge key to our defense."

On Kyle Johnson's progression

"He's getting better. He's young. He's just a freshman, he's a big body, long arms, but it's like all those young guys, they just have to spend time technique-wise and just get better and better. It's not an easy position to play."

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