Cooler Weather Prevails in AM Session

The Sun Devils caught a break during Thursday's AM practice with some oddly cool weather, but they will be in the bubble for the PM practice no matter what the weather is like according to coach Erickson.

On the AM practice

"It was good. We scrimmaged a little bit there at the end. I thought it went pretty well. I thought offensively it was as well as we've executed. We'll see what happens Saturday, but we're getting better on both sides."

On staying outside or going inside for the second practice

"We're gonna go in the bubble. Two-a-day practices we'll always go in the bubble regardless. The weather's not gonna stay like this though."

On changing the special teams scheme

"Not really. A few different things, but nothing big."

On punt and kick returning

"He'll be our punt returner (Kyle Williams). We're looking at Omar, I think he can really help us back there (kick return), LeQuan Lewis has got great speed."

On what other back can challenge Nance and Bass

"I think if you look today you look at Morrison, you look at Woods, you look at the young freshman, and he does some darn good things. That thing is wide open. There is nothing etched in granite on that thing. We've got to find somebody who is going to run and break tackles and right now there is nothing guaranteed on that thing."

On Cameron Marshall

"He's big, strong and fast. He's 215 pounds and he can run. His lower body is put together. You just watch him out there and it's easy to tell he has talent. He catches the ball too."

On Travis Goethel's injury

"He got dinged up a couple three days ago. He dinged up his shoulder. It's nothing serious."

On what stood out from the offense today

"I thought the offensive front blocked people. There are a lot of things you can do when that happens. I thought we protected pretty, I'll have to look at the tape, but the best way to put it is that we executed the stuff we're doing a little bit better. The true test of where we're at is on Saturday when we have our first scrimmage where we move the ball. We've been sitting on defense and we did today. When you start putting blitzes and stunts and all that stuff in, it changes things up."

On the offenses capability

"Well we got a quarterback and we got some receivers that can make things happen. Our front is, most of a lot of them are players."

On the receivers blocking

"They should block effectively on everything. We're running receiver screens a little more than we have as part of our offense, which means that we demand that more. I think sometimes when you use receiver screens as a small part of your offense you don't do as much time practicing. When you don't practice it that means the receivers don't get an opportunity to block. In our run game our receivers have always been pretty good blockers I think. The biggest thing is when we run some of those screens that we run much more of."

On using Kyle Williams for kick return

"I'd prefer not to, but we'll see as time goes on."

On Vontaze Burfict

"He's all over the field. He's physical, he's got a great motor, and he's got great football instincts more than anything. He sees a hole open up on a blitz and he takes it even if it's not the hole that he is supposed to go to. He's just got great instincts. He's strong and fast."

On the ruling from the NCAA and how big it is for him playing this year

"It's awfully big. He'll be here for the first game. He's done everything he's supposed to do. You've got to understand the clearing-house and what goes on with it. It's a time consuming thing. I have no idea (on when the ruling will take place)."

On James Brooks

"He's getting better. James has had a good summer, he's just down the depth chart, and he needs to work his way back up."

On what he wants to accomplish the week before the scrimmage

"Just execution of what we're trying to get done. The things we did on the first five days and one-a-days before we got into pads is just execution of what we're trying to get done offensively and defensively. In those days we just repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and obviously when the pads go on and you scrimmage it's a different world. So you can learn things and now you can take it and put it in game situations."

On the physicality of practice this year compared to years past

"Two years ago we hit a lot more than we did last year. It's a two-way street on that thing with injuries and so forth. It kinda depends on where we're at. Once you get into the season you don't hit as much. We're hitting a little more now in this pre-camp than we did last year."

On Steven Threet and Aaron Pflugrad

"We're very fortunate that they are here. I mean you guys can see that our there watching them. Pflugrad particularly because you can see him doing a lot more things. When you see Steven throw and do the things he can do when he can, you can tell that in meetings he knows what's going on."

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