Danny Sullivan's Post-Scrimmage Interview

Sun Devil quarterback Danny Sullivan had a solid outing in today's scrimmage, where he was 11-20 for 137 yards and a touchdown. The senior signal caller addressed the media following practice.

Q: How did the scrimmage go?

DS: "It was a lot better than what we have been doing; personally I did pretty good today. I made smart decisions, got the ball out when I needed to, and we limited our sacks as a first unit. It was a good day for us, we needed that."

Q: It was nice to see playmakers like Gerrell Robinson show their true potential out there today.

DS: "Yeah, you know they all did today, really. Kerry made some good catches; Chris made a nice back shoulder catch in the end zone and down the field. Kyle made some good plays and that's what we're going to need to do to be successful in this league."

Q: Danny, do you think the offense is starting to catch up with the defense?

DS: "I hope so. We need to. I mean, its tough going up against this defense every single day. They're very good, they know it, they've got that swagger and we've just got to keep matching their intensity every single day."

Q: How about you personally, are you finding a good rhythm with your fellow offensive unit?

DS: "It was a rough last few days, I was kind of struggling, I just wasn't seeing things the way I was but today everything was on point. My offensive unit, I love these guys, you know, these are my guys and we're going to do big things this year."

Q: It's nice to see you out there, it seems like after every big play you're out there going up to your teammates, patting them on the back, showing them support.

DS: "Yeah, you know if I'm going to be a leader on this team, that's how it's going to be. They've got to know when we're successful and know when big plays happen and I'll keep doing what I'm doing and boosting their confidence."

Q: Danny, who really stood out in your mind today whether it was offense or defense?

DS: "I'll say G-Rob impressed has impressed us all camp. But you know, Kyle Williams made some big plays for us today, big third-down conversions. And the offensive line did a lot better today, we've been doing better every single day and I think we only had two sacks today and I can live with two sacks."

Q: You've still got some mix in matchup because of injuries but is that helping you develop some depth to some of these other guys that are playing like Hustad, guys like that?

DS: "Yeah, Hustad, he's been getting better every single day. We knew that coming in and if he can do that, he'll be playing for us and to have two deep on the offensive line is key for us, we need that in case some guy gets hurt or we're struggling up there, we can put someone else in and it's reassuring for me to know that."

Q: So, Schlink, Marcisz or Gerhart, if they're out right now, that's not that big of a deal because some of these other guys are getting some reps?

DS: "Yeah and we're going to be confident with whoever we put in there too and that's how we feel. It's a lot different this year from past years and we've got to respect that as an offensive unit."

Q: Do you think you've done enough and he should just call it a day and give you the job?

DS: "I wish I could say that but you know it's up to him. Hopefully after today, you know I stretched myself even more. I've been having a good camp, until the last few days, I'm sure you guys have seen that out there, it just wasn't clicking but today was very good. I was in the right place, didn't make bad decisions at all, zero interceptions, had a nice touchdown and that's all I can ask for as a quarterback out here. I've just got to manage the game."

Q: Can you talk about Cameron Marshall and how he's been progressing through camp, he had a couple of nice runs today.

DS: "Well he's my ‘bay area man' we're from the ‘408', so he's got to be doing good. He is a bowling ball, he will run straight at you and he has no fear. I like that as a quarterback, if he's going to get extra yardage its key for us to and to have that depth at running back is big."

Q: Can you just talk about all the blitzes that they threw at you today? It seemed like they were blitzing every other play.

DS: "The offensive line did a good job picking up most of them. It's tough to see all those blitzes coming and I'm not going to be perfect every play, that's how this game is, but if you can withhold what they're bringing and get the ball out of my hand, we did that today and it was a good job."

Q: Of all the tools that G-Rob has, it's cool to see him bring it all together and be the wide receiver tat he is capable of.

DS: "It was only a matter of time, we knew that if we gave him a year, which is why it was kind of weird that we didn't red-shirt him last year but you know to see him come in and come into his own is good."a

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