Tuesday Features a Physical Practice

Injuries are a part of football that every coach has to deal with, but none likes. With several of his players out with injuries, coach Erickson went along with his practice plan, and turned Tuesday's practice into one of the hardest hitting practices of the fall. Head Coach Dennis Erickson addressed the media after today's session.

On the offense's day

"It was ok. We're getting better all the time. Becoming more consistent, but there some decent things on both sides actually and we scrimmaged some short yardage and goal line which is something we've got to get to, and the only way you can do that is live. That's the first time we've done that, I thought it went OK. There are some things we need to add, but that's basically what we tried to get done."

On the linebackers getting into the backfield

"I think it's a combination. They blitzed and should've been blocked, we didn't step. That was our third center playing in there. I think when you look at practice I think you need to look at the matchups before you can evaluate things. It's hard to sit there and watch something like that and know who is in there and who is doing what, but he's hard to block when he takes that gap at times."

On if it is hard to stay consistent with all the injuries

"It always is, but that's part of football. Everybody deals with that. You can read the paper everyday and every team has the same problems, whether its college football or the National Football League, you've got bumps and bruises. We're out here a lot longer than we've been (previously). We've been out here thirteen days and you're going to have that. The good thing that I mentioned yesterday is that we have time to heal some of these guys up to so you don't want to push people into practicing because the bottom line is September 5th. All this other stuff other than getting better really doesn't make a difference."

On getting the offensive linemen back

"Zach (Schlink) was back, and Mike Marcisz is back. We need to be very careful with both of them and see where they're at. I've got to look at the tape to see exactly how they did."

On who stands out on the O-line

"Well Shawn (Lauvao) is obviously a big time football player. (Tom) Njunje is playing a lot better and then Hustad is playing a lot better. Jon Hargis has been off and on, but he's way better than he was a year ago. Then (Thomas) Altieri has been doing a pretty good job at center."

On if Hustad is pushing for playing time

"I don't know. We're going to let that play out."

On how many true freshmen he will play

"I don't know. In the vicinity of five or six. It kind of depends. It depends on if we can stay healthy or not. You look at three on defense right now. On offense it could be Cameron (Marshall) who is a guy that obviously jumps out at you and possibly Max Smith so probably five or six."

On whether Brock Osweiler will redshirt

"We don't know. Samson's elbow has been bothering him. It's not the same injury as where he had the surgery, but it's a muscle. It's tennis elbow I guess is the best way to put it. He hasn't done much the last couple days so we've just got to make sure we're right with it, but it's been bothering him so he's got to get treatment. His health will affect a lot of things."

On Jamal Miles possibly playing

"There's a possibility. It's so hard. We're so far away, it's hard to tell."

On playing true freshmen

"Play the best players, I don't care what grade they are."

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