Last Morning Practice is a Spirited One

Wednesday marked the last time the Sun Devils will have two-a-day practices this fall, and the offense really stepped up to the plate making plenty of nice plays against the defense. The team went into a live red zone scrimmage towards the end and things got real physical, which is something Erickson thinks his team will need as they move forward.

On practice today

"A lot of enthusiasm. We did a little scrimmage in the red zone, which is important. That's the first time we've done that. I thought it went good. I thought there was a lot of enthusiasm, we ran around. Certainly getting a little bit better offensively everyday. That's the key."

On making up for not practicing well two days ago

"They want to win. Sometimes unless you've been in this situation before as a player, it's hard. It's the dog days boy. So they had one bad but they bounced back yesterday afternoon and had a good one today in the morning and hopefully we can finish two-a-days this afternoon with a lot of enthusiasm and the biggest thing is just practicing hard and going hard, regardless of what happens on the field."

On Kyle Williams

"He's had a great winter, great summer, and he's in the best shape I've seen him in and he's more physically prepared, more mentally prepared. He wants in his senior year to get things done the right way."

On getting him the ball more

"We've been able to do that. There are things we do that we use that inside receiver quite a bit and some of the stuff before we've just paired things down in our passing game with what we want to do and our running game just to get pretty good at everything that we do so a lot of things are dependant on what he does. He's flanked outside by three pretty good players right now."

On Kyle doing kickoffs

"We think we got Omar Bolden back there that probably will be better for us on kickoff returns. Not the same guy does everything you know. Kickoff is more of a hit it and go type thing where punts you have to make people miss and so forth which is what Kyle does really well."

On going live in practice

"We need to do it to tackle. If you don't tackle (in practice) you're not going to be very good tacklers. Basically we'll do it as we continue on. We're doing a little more this year than last year but we did it the year before about how we're doing it now. We'll do a little bit of that next week. Tomorrow we have a one-a-day practice, and then a little scrimmage Saturday. Then during the week next week, when we're in school we'll probably go a couple of times."

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